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Eaton 9px as audio power regenerator?
Oh yeah, an update to my UPS project..: I’ve run two circuits, 15 amp over 14AWG through AFCI breakers. The run is only 25 feet, so 14AWG is nice and efficient, and a lot easier to run, not to mention a lot cheaper than blue 12AWG Romex. It’s just... 
Eaton 9px as audio power regenerator?
Double-conversion on-line is awesome. Way cleaner than utility power.  
New Technics vs. old
I’ve taken several steps up from the barbaric SL-1200mk2, to the ultra-refined SL-1700mk2. It’s not quite what the SP-10mk3 with a nice arm would be, but it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the new pseudo-semi-auto unit or the SL-1200mk7 or G or GAE.  
What's your definition of analog smell?
To quote George Harrison, 🎼 “O-oh, the sweet smell of success, handle me with care”... 🎶  
What's your definition of analog smell?
First memories as a youngster was a sort of phenolic odor - vaguely reminiscent of my Grandfather’s pipe.  Today there’s no smell as long as the vintage gear hasn’t been coated in nicotine-laden cigarette smoke by a prior owner.  
If you had $1,400 , A TTable thing
Follow your heart. Subconsciously you’ve prepared yourself to enjoy it, so it will probably bring you the most satisfaction. Even if it’s not utopia, it’s about reaching a goal you set for yourself. Find that Denon DP59L and you will never be wond... 
Problems with Paypal payment?
@ggc you are badmouthing PayPal because you are a dishonest seller.  
Total cost of ownership - how to reduce it
Back to the topic, TCO is made up of two factors: original investment cost and repair&maintenance cost. You have control over both. As far as OI goes, make a short-list and choose high quality equipment that meets but doesn’t exceed the “must-... 
Help me pick a turntable set up
Under the heading “high value, high performance” the moving magnet AudioTechnica VM540ML is almost in a class by itself. The big deal here is the micro line stylus profile that delivers 2 to 3 times the operating hours lifespan of elliptical and S... 
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
@brettmcee rap is pretty disgusting stuff. You don’t need anything more than a crappy $50 Walmart stereo to listen to that.  
Serious turntable popping problem finally solved!!
Question: what type of cell phone radio was it? Do you know if it can be replaced with a 4G cell radio that should produce less interference? 
Feet/ footers: Cones, pads, rubber gizmos, fancy gizmos, roller gizmos
Now that’s some dark matter Geoff.  
Feet/ footers: Cones, pads, rubber gizmos, fancy gizmos, roller gizmos
Try latest thing that’s all the rage. Toilet plunger footers.  
Problems with Paypal payment?
Tonydennison, PayPal is the only assurance that a buyer has when conducting a transaction with a stranger. Consider for a minute how eBay screws over the buyer to protect its sellers (rejecting all claims when item arrives in much worse condition ... 
Question For My Electrical Expert Friends
You need to re-think your power distribution and component layout scheme, making compromises that are acceptable to you (revising amp location may require longer speaker cables; or running a new dedicated circuit and purchasing a second power cond...