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Out of phase signal shifts radically
You have probably nailed it. The first question when solving a problem that just cropped up in any kind of previously working system is “what changed”.  The sanity check is to put each item that was removed for the renovations back, one at a time,... 
Tone Arm board material
May I suggest Corian from DuPont? It is easily machined, very stable and very inert to vibration. You can probably get a scrap from a counter fabricator for free. I’ve also made shelves for my equipment racks from Corian and wouldn’t use anything ... 
Audio Technica VM540ML v. N97xe Jico SAS
In fairness, the Nagaoka MP-500 is more of a direct competitor (than the MP-150) to the Audio-Technica VM540ML because both use line-contact type styli.  
Any Recommendations For Line-Contact P-Mount Cartridge?
Fortunately the vintage turntables I bought used (6 of them, two of which are linear tracking) all came with the screw that secures the cartridge in the tonearm. The humble Audio-Technica AT-85e and others from that line include replacement screws.  
What speaker cable made a major difference in the sound quality of your speakers??
I believe you will notice the greatest improvement in sound quality as wire gauge approaches 14 when starting off with thinner gauge. 12 gauge is the sweet spot for my system. YMMV.  
Any Recommendations For Line-Contact P-Mount Cartridge?
I thought B&O used a proprietary cartridge mounting system? 
Audio Technica VM540ML v. N97xe Jico SAS
I think you need to give the VM540ML a chance. You might be mistaking it’s very articulate and detailed presentation for brightness. What did you have the tracking force set to? Looking forward to your comparison with the Nagaoka.  
Any Recommendations For Line-Contact P-Mount Cartridge?
I own several p-mount turntables. Best I’ve got is an elliptical stylus right now, and that’s not good enough for me.  
Turntable options
I chose vintage Technics direct drive with my SL-1700mk2. I restored it and upgraded the interconnects and feet. For a turntable of any age, let alone 40 years old, its performance is top-drawer. Cost to me was about $1500 all in, with a Audio-Tec... 
Tom Petty "Best of Everything" HD download
@ozzy wrote:I was a disappointed in the 24/96hz HR download of the "Best of Everything" from Tom Petty. That might be due to the sampling rate being done in Hz instead of kHz.  
Question for Platter spinners regarding IC
Good cable has packing in it to reduce capacitance by spacing the signal bearing conductors farther apart from each other and the shield. Yes, keep them to a minimum length by all means. Btw, I think your caution might scare off people who would o... 
Turntable options
@hambon said:I can’t get on the DD Technics wagon.... maybe I need to learn more about there stuff.Being an educated consumer is essential. Sure, you can achieve great satisfaction with esoteric gear. The problem is that you may never experience t... 
Any Experience With This Cartridge Retipper?
Definitely get references first. It’s not easy telling the scammers from the legit providers, especially in this industry. That is one good reason to go with the well-known vendors. Failing that, there are still a few really good manufacturers of ... 
Question for Platter spinners regarding IC
Turntable interconnect cables need to be ultra-low capacitance and should have both the signal and the “signal ground” leads shielded all the way to the phono stage. Most turntable interconnects rely on the “signal ground” as the shield, which is ... 
Anyone had the equipment customized ?
High ESR means that the terminals of the cap will not present a low impedance to high frequencies. Since bypass caps are in parallel with the Vcc pin on ICs, that means the noise is still present. The only way to displace the noise is to present a...