Technical Dilemma

I recently purchased two Paradigm LCR-450 speakers on eBay: each one from a different seller. One works fine, the other is defective in that the sound emanating is weak and muffled. My first thought was a faulty crossover on the defective speaker, so I switched crossovers, and lo and behold the problem did not follow the crossover. The crossovers are not identical as well. One has an additional capacitor and the electrical values are not the same on some devices. Before I pursue the possibility of a return on an item that "cannot be returned", I am seeking advice here.
I would call Paradigm...most good manufacturers will not only be able to pull out the old diagrams and help you...some of them will even fax them to you so you can actually look at what may need to be done. Additionally, they may have the parts you need to get correct values, etc.

BTW, if the speakers are may wish to change one to conform to the other so they 'match'. Additionally, if you change the resistor/capacitors etc in get them to match, you may also wish to just change the resitor in the other.
If the speaker was advertised as 'defective' you have no recourse. But if it was not disclosed as defective, I am sure E-bay will help you return the item. If you can return it, contact Paradigm and ask what speaker matched
the good one in production. maybe they have a range of serial numbers before they made the change.
Good Luck
Thank you Tls49! I switched tweeters and lo and behold the problem followed the defective tweeter. By the way. the "good" tweeter has a manufacture date of 5-20-96, while the defective one's date of manufacture is 10-97. That's a long time-span, which would explain the differences in the crossovers. I'll seek a return (though I would be left with only one relatively rare speaker which I planned to use as satellite(s) in a 2.1 system). That's the chance one takes in purchasing used items online, sigh. Thanks again, Tls49.