Strings Dilemma

Hello fellas, Forgive me for posting this question here, but I'm kinda lazy to register at different site since I know many of ya play some musical instrument. I recently decided to jazzify my Takamine EG544SC purchasing light action strings and practice jazz sequences.012-.053.
After replacing my medium action strings I noticed that my action haven't become any 'lighter' vs. the one before.
Does it make an action difference between brands even if the gauge is the same? I've always bought strings 'on sale' and changed them pretty often 'cos I love the fresh crispy sound of new strings and they all sounded AWESOME on this guitar without even paying attention to a brand purchased... Please also read the next my follow-up...
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For some reason I couldn't continue on the original post although nothing was found such as reaching the character limit in the box...
Hence I continue:

The strings I purchased is D'Adario EJ16-3d that literally suck in everything: action and kind-of unfocused i.e. not sharp sound so I can hear a different tone coming from the string other than it's suppose to be. In strumming action I guess It's OK, but otherwise as a learner I'd like to hear everything crystal clean and virgin untouched.

I'm pretty sure that there are loads of 'goners here that had played tons of different strings and on different guitars that could discuss this above post with me. For your quick reference my Tak mentioned above is solid top electro-acoustic guitar that sounds great both ways.
Have you not purchased this 'brand' of strings previously?
Maybe these strings just plainly do suck.
As an Alto Sax player, I would get reccommendations about reeds and mouthpieces, 'wonderful' etc. only to discover that they were not up to my person's treasure, or 'action' is another annoyance.
Why, out of curiousity did you buy these? Someone you respect reccommended them?
this 'brand' of strings is all over the stores with all different model numbers that are really hard to trace... previously buying a set of new strings for low $3 range would suffice until i hit this bummer.
i've never asked recommendation although have a few brands written down they were mostly for medium action strings that more for rock'n'roll and folk rock hard strumming now i need ones that sound nice and light for most of the time finger picking.

My experience is with archtops, so I don't know if it's really applicable to your situation. I've never had a problem with d'Adarios, but...

Are your new d'Adarios strings bronze (like my d'Adario strings are)? If so, have you played bronze strings before? They have their sound - and like most things guitar related - some love it, some hate it.

Can't help you on the action issue. For me, 12s are 12s, and they require some effort. For your effort you get more acoutic output. I never really payed much attention to the "action" label on strings, so, sorry, can't help there.

I'm a violinist, not a guitarist, but a buddy of mine plays mostly blues. All he talks about is "action". Everytime he changes his strings he adjusts the neck on his guitar to suit the action of the strings. Maybe that may help a bit. Or like Lrsky said, they may just suck.
Are you sure you know what "action" means"? That has nothing to do with how "lighter" a string plays but how high it is from the fretboard. Higher action means the string is further away from the fretboard and lower action is the opposite.
action has two meanings one of them is the distance between fretboard and string which is almost lowest to the point i could strum without having strings bounced to the unwanted frets.
another meaning makes me believe that strings themselves have also meaning of action in addition to gauges.
another reason i figured that 12 really isn't a light action which solves the most of my equation.
for blooz or jazz i need to find lighter.

If you're bending, 12s can be a challenge. For traditional jazz playing with little to no bending, that's usually not much of an issue, but for blues/blues rock....

Good luck with it.

I've been playing since forever and I've never heard anyone refer to string tension as "action".
ok tension
i was confused with gauge 12 marked as light...
Well, whtever you want to call it. The action is a pretty broad statement. Anything that affects playability. I have four different bridges that are cut for different styles of music. I typically change out a bridge every month to play something else. But thats why I stated I was a violinist. Just im case I wasn't with the lingo in guitar world over here. lol! Bur seriously, thats what my buddy always said whenever he'd start screwing with his guitar. He plays prifessionally so I'd never assume he was wrong. Oh well. I'm gonna shut up. Last time I comment on a guitar related thread. :-) I'll stick to thread related to no more that four-strings instruments.