Amplifier Dilemma

Hey guys I need some advice on which amp to buy.

I plan to spend up to $800, I prefer an integrated amp (which are very few in my price range) but if a raw power amp gives better sound then I will go with a power amp.

My aim is more for sound quality than quantity. The problem with my system is that it is way too dark, its like listening to music with a blanket over the speakers, I am pretty sure is the amplifiers fault. I am thinking of buying one of these:

Aragon 4004 or 8002
Classe CA 101
McCormack DNA 0.5
Odyssey Stratos
Pathos Classic One
New Conrad Johnson Sonographe SA-250

There are so many to chose from, help me make a decision.
Describe your other equipment, your speakers and your room - that way someone will have a better base for giving you some help.
If your virtual system listed is the one you currently use, I would probably suggest a different amplifier and perhaps experiment with speaker placement. That can make a huge difference with maggies, especially distance from the back wall. One integrated I can tell you to stay away from (my opinion only, of course) is the Pathos classic one. It doesn't have enough power to drive your maggies unless you listen at very soft volumes. Second, I don't think it sounds that great. Again, just my opinion. Of the ones you listed above, I would be most tempted to try the Classe. However, if I were going to buy the 101, I would probably wait and save up for the 151. You can never have too much power. Hope this helps.
My current speaker wires are cheap Acoustic Research. My next move will be some good speaker wires, then a better amplifier.
Before changing any equipment, I'd advise experimenting with cabling in order to find out what your existing setup can really do. Cables can make or break the rig.
Upgrade AC cords, interconnects, speaker cables, & the way that they synergise with your componentry are, I suspect, the remedy for your disatisfaction.
I just switch from a HK 2.1 amp to a Anthem Intergrated 2. And that is the best 500 money can buy! You night want to try a hybrid intergrated amo like INT2, which has a tube preamp and SS amp all in one.
The Magnepans need a lot of current and the Odyssey would simply amaze you. It has current to spare. You can try it at home with no risk. To get the best bass, put it on top of some black diamond racing cones and a slab of granite.
My selection is down to these bad boys:
Aragon 4004
Classe CA 101
Odyssey Stratos

The question now is, which of them have the best treble and mid range.

Should I add Bryston 3B to the list?

Keep those responses comming, I need all the help I can get.
I have the Odyssey Stratos and love it. It may be a few hundred over your stated price range though. If you can pull it off, it won't dissapoint. No experience with your speakers though.
You really do need to reveal what your speakers are?
To get your speakers sounding good you need to budget a bit more for your amp, once you get the amp out of the way work on cables. Dont do cables first!!!!
Better to build the cables around the componets than componets around cables. Next I would work on speaker placement. If all you have is $800 I would save up until you can afford the amp. Everyone chooses a different aproach to upgrades, some will do cables first and some componets first. I run Classe amps with Logans and think they would do nicely with the maggies.
Happy Listening!