tandberg 2080 as a phono preamp?:

hey guys how good was the tandberg phono section?-I am getting back into vinyl( slowly) using the denon dp72l with a new shure cartridge- I was thinking of getting a sonic frontiers sfp-1 or a ear 834p- any suggestions would be helpful- thanks,gary
As I recall, these receivers had a darn good phono preamp - nice FM tuner, too. I would have no problem using the Tandberg's phono section while auditioning possible replacements...

I have used a 2075 - the phono section is fine, but won't do anything below high output cartridges.
I once used a 2025 (if I remember the number right--it certainly was not the 2075, so take what I say with a bit of salt) as an interim amp. From my memory, the phono section wasn't too bad--in fact, it was probably better than many ultra-cheap modern phono amps. But, at the same time, I didn't feel that it was as good as the section in my Linn Intek. (I actually used the Intek for the phono section, and the Tandberg for the line stage preamp section and power amp.) In addition, I have a feeling that the phono section in the Tandberg was happier with higher output MM cartridges--although I never tried anything else.

The FM section was good--miles better than many modern tuners.
Oops--In my previous post, I typed "2075" instead of "2080."

In addition, I might add that Tandberg tended to have attractive designs--including real wood veneer. While it's the sound that counts, I, myself, like something that doesn't have a harder "electronic" look, like so much of today's audio.