Tandberg TD20A. I need a reputable repair shop.

I dug out my old Tandberg TD20A from a closet recently and hooked it up in expectation that I'd be in full reminiscing mode. FAIL!!

It made one move since it was last used 10+ years ago and the only thing I can think of is that it took a hit. No external visible damage... no rattling of parts inside and it fires up but no sound.

I guess it's time to have the old dog sent in for a full checkup. Cost is no object. Who's the best out there for this kind of work?

Many thanks in advance.
I'm sure there's several good options, but the best place I know of is Audio Classics in Vestal NY. If they can't fix it, I'm sure they can send you to a place that can.
The tape head (thetapehead.com) in Appleton, Wisconsin worked on my TD20A. Did a nice job.
Soundsmith repairs Tandberg decks. They have a price list on their site. Seems kind of pricey,but who am I to know what the cost is on these things?
I have the same tape deck. Some idiot tried to replace the two track head with a four track head and really screwed up the machine. I called Soundsmith to ask about repairs ... I was told to consider it scrap and to use it for spares. Too bad, because when functioning properly it's a great sounding tape player. The Tanbergs are problematic though, especially the solenoid switches.
+1 on the Soundsmith recommendations - that's where Audio Classics sends Tandberg stuff. Be advised that their service is VERY expensive because they only do total rebuilds. They can also be difficult to get in touch with, so keep trying. Good luck!
I had a change of heart and bought a one owner Akai GX747 off of eBay Sunday morning. It doesn't have as much as a flea bite on it and looks like it came out of an 80's time capsule.

I think I'm going to let the Tandberg go. I've got way too much gear/boxes that have taken over the closets and attic.

Think I'll start a $1 no reserve auction.

Thanks for the time and input fellow A'goners. And I hope you don't think you wasted your time responding because you didn't. I have written all of those contacts down for future use.