Tandberg 3014 repair

Greetings A'gon members, and Best wishes for the new year of the water dragon.
I recently purchased a tandberg 3014 cassette deck, touted as THE BEST, unfortunately it has some technical difficulties (when you hit the play button it jumps from release, to rewind to stop to play over and over again).
I was wondering if anyone out there knew where the best place would be to get it checked-out
I have heard that same fable about the legendary Tandberg 3014 being among the best ever. I'm sure it's a good deck and worth repairing. Try contacting Willy Hermann at willy@willyhermannservices.com. I know that he is a genius with Nakamichi, and I know that he has insight on the Tandberg as we have discussed the 3014. What I like about Nakamichi is that parts are so readily available on Ebay or other sources. Better yet, there's always Willy. Contact Willy, I'm sure he can help!
Soundsmith are Tandberg specialists in the US and they have parts. As far as I know, they only do complete overhaul with alignment etc. Go to their website sound-smith.com and then call them. It is going to cost you if you agree to their conditions. Tandbergs are not particulary reliable but sound great, so if it is valuable to you, you might want to spend $600-$800 to make it perfectly operational.
I am sure there are cheaper places, but Peter from Soundsmith has a reputation with Tandbergs. Of course, he is also well-known cartridge maker and rebuilder.
Willy is very good with Naks, I serviced my Nak there. I don't know if he works with Tandbergs or/and has parts.
Tonikay and Inna: Thank you very much for your help. I will look at both, My Nak is doing fine so far. Sorry for the late response, as I am yet to get used to the new Website.
I will probably send the TANDBERG to sound smith then.
I have a Tandberg 3014a in very good operating condition. The belts were replaced by Audo Consultants (Chicago) several years ago according to a receipt with the purchase. I also have a Nak Dragon .. the Revox b215s... plus other decks. The 3014a is a terrific deck and will be well worth your effort to repair. Good luck, and any information you discover regarding repair would be useful to know.
Another option is Russ at New Jersey Factory Service. He is an ace with tape recorders. Contact is 201-967-0060. He is not there on Fridays. I know some of the others mentioned are good (especially Willy Herman) but might be a bit of a wait where Russ usually turns his stuff around in less than 2 weeks.