What's the difference between a TD 150 MK II with a tandberg badge and one without? I just bought one with, at a yard sale, for $3.00 but the problem is that it's a European model--220 volts and a Euro plug. Is there anyway to use it in the states with 110? Can I just get a plug adapter and a transformer or is there more to it than that.
My Thorens 150 could be wired for either 110 or 220. Here's the manual:

You would just have to supply a US plug. I never rewired mine, but it looked prett straightforward. Good luck and great deal at $3!

If it is 50hz you will need a whole new motor and pulley assembly for 60hz. 220 to 110 is a simply wiring change.

Thanks--looks like I'm out of luck as it is 50 HZ. Anyone know what the Tandberg badge means.
Narrod or anyone else, what other models are interchangeable with mine for the motor and pulley assembly.
There is no difference at all between the Tandberg branded Thorens and "regular" ones. Norwegian Tandberg company sold TD150's and TD165's under their own trademark in the 60ies and 70ies, and there were also TD124's with Danish Bang & Olufsen brand in the 60ies. Here's my Tandberg TD150: