Systems for a Geodesic Dome

We are building a Geodesic Dome.  My main system will end up in the master bedroom. My question is what do you think about Sonos systems and the connect amp they sell?
It would be nice to control music thru out the house with one system.  We would like to have probably 4 regions to the system.  I'll also need some bookshelf speakers or speakers I could hang or suspend for the main room.  I have not heard any sonos speakers but I'm thinking they would be ok for the kitchen and a smaller room.

Any suggestions?
You would really have to consider the vintage Design Acoustics D-12 speaker. Perfect for that house design. ;-)
you could also use Apple TV3's ($40 for a refurb - the newer ones lack certain output options) to shoot music all over and control it too

then you can choose all your own components and get the best that Redbook CD has to offer with iTunes, or use other things and use HiRes recordings

the Sonos is fine for what it is (actually surprisingly good for what it is) - and if you are satisfied with that you're done

what is the wall construction going to be like?
- if you are an audiophile (or will be afflicted with that in the future) you will want to build the walls like the ones in a good recording studio - thick and well-damped

if you don't care, then a single layer of plastic walls or even canvas has been used by dome dwellers for decades - with enough Sandoz it's all good
I think Sono is a fine choice. The issue with anything these days is WiFi vs. wired. 

Have a plan for getting full coverage and avoiding network congestion. 


@jperry  MyGAWD! If I could find those Acoustic Design D12 speakers that would be awesome.  Pretty rare is just a term right?  I dreamed up the house I can dream of the speakers.  Thanks
@erik_squires @randy-11  Yes I've talked to neighbors about the wifi.  Even though we're 3.5 miles from the town square and county seat, the wifi sucks.  I'm gonna hard wire the important areas first.  Thanks for the tip on the Apple TV3 and Sono.

So you can actually find apps which will help you measure the signal strength as well as tell you how congested your wifi environment is. Check the 5 GHz, it may be uncluttered. 
Another inexpensive route to multiroom audio is the Chromecast Audio. Easy and simple to choose regions from your phone.