Systemdek IIX TT low frequency hum

I was wondering if anyone has any advice how I might solve my low frequency hum problem. There is a low hum audible when I cue the arm and when the music get reall quiet or between track. I have tube pre amp with a MM phono section. I am using a Denon 103D MC cartridge with a Denon transformer. Systemdek IIX TT. I have moved the transformer around, does not help. I have made sure everything is tight on the the TT, etc.
Hi Jbaussie,
Sounds like an earthing problem with your deck/tonearm - it's 20 years since I had a systemdek & don't know the earthing arrangemnet with your model.

Try taping a thin gauge piece of insulated wire from the base of your tone arm to the earthing post on your amp/phono stage.
If this cures the problem, scrape some paint from the underside of the tonearm base & solder the wire to it - wind it around your tone arm signal cables & solder a lug/spade to the amp end & connect.
Rgds Si
My money says Simon is right. You can just crimp an alligator clip to the wire and clip it to the tonearm base under your tt, it might do the trick also.