Denon 103D w/ Systemdek IIX?Rega RB300?

anyone heard this combination? i'm looking for a rich, warm sound rather than super detailed/analytical. love to hear some opinions on the combination. fyi i have used a BPS in my rig and although decent, it didn't pass the goosebump test.

In that neighborhood; loose the 11X and go for a VPI Jr.(Had the 11X)--Get the rb300--get it rewired to a 1 piece "real" phono wire--Cardas/ Hovland. Just my opinion.
sorry guys. my post was really just about the Denon 103D cartridge. i have the systemdek/rega combo already and i was asking about how the Denon might mate with it. thanks.

Hell no! I've never heard/seen that kinda combo!

You can do unlike Avguygeorge said: first get Rega P3 with RB300, realize that Rega deck sucks after several months of listening, buy another deck such as Michell, VPI or BASIS and than realize that RB300 sucks and than do the mods on it Origin live or Incognito.

Or just wait for the budget to come and get it all at once.

The entry level turntables are designed to realize that they suck and need to be changed onto something more musical. For some people(like myself) it takes a-bit trial and error to realize, but some people listen to the advise and patiently wait to get a real setup.

See what's more affordable :)
I also own a Linn LP12 and have owned or heard all the above cartridges. I've also owned the Denon DL103S and DL103D. Very good cartridges in their day and reasonable by todays standards too. I've owned MC's, MI's and MM's. I replaced an older MC with the new Clearaudio Aurum Beta S MK II and can't believe how great it sounds. I cannot see spending more unless you go all the way with a top flight analog rig. The midrange is to die for, making MC's sound analytical and forced. There is plenty of deep bass and very smooth detailed highs. Nothing fatiguing about it, very musical in a way that draws you into the music for hours. I like it so much I can't see spending more. They really got it right with this model. An even greater value with a trade in. Buy it and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!