Profile tonearm setup systemdek IIX

I recently bought a systemdek IIX with its original tonearm (profile) the gentleman that I bought it from knew little about it and now I do not know how to set the arm.

Well, the arm is set but the arm board rotates along with the arm. Is this normal?

I am new to all manual tables so any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Daniel
Ok, not the arm board but the base of the tonearm. That is, beyond the actual range of the tonearm the base begins to rotate with the arm.
The problem I see is that after playing a record and moving the arm back I sometimes go beyond the range and the base moves further back. The next time I want to play a record I have to re-align the arm before use. Is this normal?
Mine does too. I believe there is a loose screw but since I don't have a problem with it, I will probably leave it alone. The problem occurs when the tonearm is placed in the tonearm locking arm.

Your tonearm is a japaness source like the linn basik LVX and the revolver standard. The systenmdeck IIX is a turntable from the late 80's made in england. I see several possibilities about your problem with the arm. Firstly, the wooden plate is not screwed tight against the metal plinth. Secondly, the round black plate at the bottom of the arm is not screwed thight. Lastly, the screw at the right side of the round black plate is not screwed thight. Caution! don't overtighten the screws because you can damage the arm or the turntable. You can do that by yourself but after that it will be important to verify the adjustment of your cartridge versus tonearm. A good technician in a serious Hi-FI shop can do this for you or you can do that by yourself if you have enough konwledges in this domain. You must verify the vertical tracking angle, the antiskating, the parallelism of your cartridge with the groove with the help of a gauge and the reading pressure in grams or millinewton (for this thing you have a rotating knob at the end of the arm). You can obtain good advices about that from the website of UHF (Ultra high fidelity magazine) or the vinylengine. If your cartridge has a replaceable tip, you should verify that with a microscope in a serious HIFI shop. Maybe the stylus is damaged? That's why you should do that also. Lastly, maybe the springs of the suspension are not aligned well. It's important that the platter is parrallel with the wooden plate. Also it's important that your turntable is parallel with the floor. You can put a bubble level in the center of the glass platter and after that on the wooden plinth in two ways from front to back and from left to right in each case. This adjustment must do in first before any adujstements on your turntable. I recognized that my explanation is not enough clear about the adjustements. My goal was to give you the chance to become aware about how to adjust a turntable. Probably, a good HIFI technician will be the best solution for you!