Need Help Systemdek and Grado Cart..Possible?

So I just bought a Systemdek IIX which has an unshielded AC motor. I want to use an unshielded Grado Reference Platinum cartridge with it. Does anyone have experience with taming the RFI from the motor?

I have never used Mu-Metal but I wonder if that will work...if so, how does one use it to shield a motor?


ERS cloth / ErsaMat... would using a sheet of ERS or an ErsaMat on the platter provide enough shielding to eliminate hum in my Grado cart?

Would anyone please share their experiences?
had a grado on an audio note 2 with no issues..should be similar.
I would make two ground wires about 1/2 meter to 1 meter long with alligator clips on each end. I would ground the arm to phono stage and turntable to chassis of preamp or another source. If that does not work then reverse it to see which helps. Sometimes it helps to ground it to the screw on the wall sockets.
I have a Systemdek IV bigger brother to the II along with a Rega RB 600 and I have had a RB250 with a Grado Reference and no problems. Since I prefer a bit tighter bass than most mm types I use a moving coil cartridge instead. But the Systemdek IV RB250 and Grado $300 reference model was a fantastic combination. It's not that much difference between the II and the IV other than electronic speed control and heavier platter, springs, etc. Play with the the wires and alligator clips. It may solve your problems.
Wow, thanks guys, this is really encouraging.. I might be worried over nothing, whew! The turntable should arrive in a week or and I can't wait to see what I'm in for.

Thanks again!
I'm using the IIx with a Grado Prestige Red right now and while it's not as quiet as my other cart, it's certainly acceptable. I would have to turn up my McIntosh gear to ear splitting levels before the hum becomes a nuisance. Anyway, I really like my Systemdek, and I think the Grado works well with it.
Grados are one of the few unshielded cartridges. I had the black with my IIX before i figured that out. Major hum at the end of a record. Yes MuMetal works. pretty good. Make a wall between the two. I tried a sheet cut to match the platter figuring that would block it all. Nope - got worse. That just lets the 60hz field go to the other end and you get hum at the record beginning. You need to build a wall off the suspension.

The bests thing is just to ditch the cartridge. Go Goldring, Ortofon or Shure.
Have used an old Grado X.. on my XII when other carts have met with an untimely end. Now I use it on a direct drive Technics I use for travel(headfi meets)with no hum problems.
I pulled the trigger with the Sonata. It hummed, of course.

It turns out that Audionote supplies a motor shield for their current-production version of the IIX. I bought one directly from Audionote ($36.00 maybe?) and installed it. It still hums, but the hum is extremely attenuated. I'm tempted to try the ERSAmat under the felt, but I'm having a hard time parting with the $70. :)
I used a Grado Prestige Gold and a Grado Statement Master on a Technics SL1210 MKII and no issues with hum and similar... just superb sound
Now I have the Statement Master on a TW Acustic Raven One and same .. no hum