Without snark, if possible - Syn Res vs Transparent

I currently run older Syn Res mid-level cabling (Tungsten/Copper) and a PowerCell 8 for XLR, speakers and power cords.  

Can anyone describe how a loom of Transparent cabling might sound different as compared to SR - again, mid range- Premium PCs and Super XLR and speakers? And again, believers only. No snark, please.

My system consists of:
Roon Nuc Plus w/Teddy Pardo LPS
D'Agostino Progressive Integrated
Chord M Scaler (w/Teddy Pardo LPS)
Chord Dave DAC
Focal Kanta 3s

These are good cables however PURIST Corvus or Venustas are more musical and due to better shielding quieter as well.I am using them in my system with great  results.Purist is a great company as well they have been around over 25 years.Enjoy and good luck.
Though it doesn't answer your question, I have found Transparent cables to be overpriced, and over praised.
I think you would be well served by considering other brands.
I only write this as I bought into the Transparent hype, only to learn that there are other, more worthy, competitors.
BTW, you have a nice system.😃
Synergistic Research has a very well defined house sound that is big and bold and to my ears strikes the best balance of detail resolution, dynamics, extension and smoothness. The vast majority of cables err on the fast thin side paying short shrift to body and leave you always searching for something more. Its somewhat akin to the difference between analog and digital, or tube and solid state.  Transparent is as the name implies one that errs on the thin undeveloped side.  

I know this puts me in the minority. Although considering he's probably the most successful cable maker in history maybe a majority. But of the people running the rat race upgrade treadmill certainly not a lot of SR fans. Why would you keep upgrading when you have something this good?  

My current speaker cables are Element CTS and they are very, very good. Tungsten is midrange, Copper bass, its the Silver that brings the lights up with top end extension and detail. Not at all exaggerated, but there's countless cables out there to give you that. This is just right. Read the comments on my System page.  

If you want to spend the money then just get the best new SR you can afford. My interconnect is Atmosphere Level III Euphoria and that is on an even higher level than the previous generation CTS. Plus it no longer requires Active Shielding (although it is grounded and you will hear improvement if you ground it, which can be done for free just connect to any ground) But since you do have Active Shielding then I highly recommend sending your little wall wart power supplies off to Michael Spallone who will upgrade the caps and diodes and circuit board with point to point wiring. When you get them back it will be like you bought whole new cables. $1k improvement for $100, something like that.

Then if you hunt around for some CTS you will already have the upgraded Active Shielding for them. Or again, look at what Ted has in the way of new stuff.  

Also ask Cable Co (or wherever you want to buy them) about trading in your old Synergistic. I got way more for my old SR cables than I could have sold them for. No one else has as good a trade-in program.