Synergistic Research vs Gabriel Gold vs PAD IC's

These 3 brands seem to get lots of attention on Audiogon lately and lots of praise. I'm thinking about trying one of them soon - my current cables are Acoustic Zen Silver and Matrix Reference II XLR ICs and Hologram II speaker cable. Great cables but I would like to give one of these brands a try for a change to see if they fit my current system (McIntosh 301-McIntosh C46-McIntosh MC402 - Sonus Faber Grand Pianos) better. How do you guys think these differ from Acoustic Zen and exactly which model ICs (I'd like to start with IC's) could be an improvement? I'm sure some folks here compared Synergistic's (of course Tesla line sounds like the most interesting) vs Gabriel Gold vs Purist Audio. The problem is I live in Russia and all these brands are not officially distributed here so free trials are not an option.
I don't know if there is anyone who has heard all four of these cables, if so more power to them. I have heard your AZ Silver Reference II (but not the Matrix IC's or your speaker cables). I have also heard PAD Dominus Rev B/C cables as well as Gabriel Gold Extreme I, Revelation I, and Rapture.

The first thing I would want to know from you is what would you consider an improvement?

From what I have heard, the AZ cables are very fast, articulate and have a averaqe size stage. The PAD cables are not quite as fast or articulate, but are sweeter and smoother, they also have a much deeper soundstage.
The GG cables, in general are also sweeter and warmer, while providing a much larger soundstage, though not as deep as the PAD

I still have not heard the SR, so I cannot comment here.
I do have the remaining question though, what are you looking for?
From what I've heard, both PAD and GG will bring sweetness and warmth, but you will lose HF this acceptable?
No one cable can do all things for all people with all what do you wish to accomplish?


Ditto... what sort of improvement (s) or changes are you seeking?

I've tried 3 or 4 of the SR ICs. I kept the Resolution Ref x2 actives over the Acoustic Ref, Accelerators, & Alphas. I posted a review on the RR x2 as well. that one came out on top of a whole covey of cables, BTW. Great bass, sound stage dimensionality, great presence too.

The SR Resolution Ref x2 active, would be a huge step up from the AZ Matrix ref II ICs. Perhaps a step up from the Silvers too... again, depending upon what it is you seek to modify.

I've found when you don't run all the ics from the same co. that the mix is more the thing. Too much rich and full type wires dulls the presentation. too many dynamic and extended wires thins things out and becomes just hi fi sounding.

Currently I have the HT magic II as main, and Nirvana SX Ltd off the source and have the RRs off the source's secondary outs to my receiver so as to add some body and extension to that all SS deally.

Of all the cables I've used I like the SX Ltd and SR RR x2 the most, with others falling in line where they are best suited... yet again, the SX and RR are more alike than different, so I prefer usually not to run them both together... but it does come down to the genre of music I want to play too. Personally, I'd like to have another MIT Magnum series cable on hand again in place of the Magic II. the HT Magic II IMO is a poor mans Magnum.
I can't help you on that comparison but, for what its worth,i have mcintosh equipment into sonus faber cremonas, have compared the au24, au24e, and cardas gr, and love the SR line- the tesla's worked great ( very musical with good detail)but i tried out the whole line and shot the moon and got the apex speaker cable (which was more warm, musical and huge soundstage), PR ic's from pre to amp, and apex ic from source to pre--one thing about SR is that they are very "synergistic" and improve if all are SR. In the end, its all up to your ear and the type of music you play- i listen prmarily to 1950's jazz.