Alternative to Synergistic Research Hologram A

I'm using all Synergistic Tesla power cords. I can't afford to upgrade from Tesla 3 to Hologram A on my mono blocs. I'd like suggestions for more a more affortable upgrade. I will be keeping the other SR cords. Thank you in advance for your input.
I'm referring to used cords.
I feel your pain, there is no alternative,

Just do it!

10-14-10: Kenscollick
A few weeks back I was able to upgrade from my Krell 400cx to a pair of Krell EVO 400’s. I really had been enjoying my system but could not resist the lure of mono’s.

The addition of the second amp provided me with an additional opportunity / dilemma. I had been using A Synergistic Research Hologram A on my 400cx. [Originally the Krell had a captive cord that I modified with the addition of a 20 amp iec.] Having just invested a considerable amount of money I wasn’t sure that I could afford a second hologram, my search began.

Checking all of the power cord threads here and elsewhere, just added to my dilemma. Being completely satisfied with the Synergistic Research my choices were limited by brand. The T-3 UHC was leading, having 3 of the standard T-3’s I knew that they were great cords but they were 15 amp iec’s so I couldn’t just swap them in. I really would have preferred to buy a second Hologram and be done with it, but had doubts because of the price, just having spent more than I planned on.

I have had a few conversations with Ted and Elliott at SR so I gave them a call. Both Ted and Elliott were very helpful as always and the consensus was that all choices were good. In the end I bit the Bullitt and went with a second Hologram.

After having the pair of Holograms in my system for a couple weeks I am absolutely correct in my choice. Every aspect of the sound is improved by a huge margin over the stock cords. The bass is now deeper and powerful with a bloom that I was not expecting. Vest improvement in detail. With pinpoint imaging going through my reference discs verified my initial thoughts.

Eva Cassidy who can be a little harsh at the beginning of “fields of gold” was smooth and inviting. The Persuasions “gypsy woman” imagined perfectly, Margo Timmins singing “A horse in the country” was better than I have ever heard it. To say I am happy with my decision is a huge understatement. Plus If I would bought the T-3 or Precision AC I would always be thinking “what would the best sound like?”

Big thanks to the crew at Synergistic Research not only for their great cables, but all of the guidance and patience with me.

I am currently listening to a loaner pair of Precision AC's on my CLX's possibly replacing my T-3's inital impressions are very good, I need to get a few more days to form a final impression.
Out of curiosity, why do want to get rid of the SR cord...especially if you already have a mess of them. I would suggest a set of MiGs under that amp. I do agree about the big price jump from the T line to the Hologram's a bummer. Whatever you do don't demo them if you can't afford them ;)
Have you checked cable company special deal on SR Halogram?
I guess since SR is launching new power cord soon so now you can get SR Halogram A at 40% off. Would that still be in your budget?
Thanks Kenscollick. Maybe I should start a fund to help me finance the A's. Would you donate? Shame on me. Solda, I want to upgrade the T3's on the amps to something better. I've got a Hologram D on my digital source and a T2 on my pre. Unfortunately I can't afford a (used) Hologram A, let alone 2 of them.
Given the fervent nature of SR adherents, I imagine a dearth of opinions for alternatives will be offered.

What other cords did you try on your amps prior to the SR T3?
Tvad I used PAD Rev C cords previously.
Those are excellent cords. Ever wish you had them again?

Ever tried Shunyata Anaconda Alpha?
I had the SR HA AC cord. A $700.00 used Dale Pitcher Reference AC cable cold out of the box killed it. Sold all my SR cords. There are better out there for far less $$$. If you get caught up in the SR hype then you need the A.

Boys and girls the JPS Aluminata AC cable kills it. Quieter cable with no strings. How about another AC SR killer? Jena Labs One. The SR AC cables are their weakest product.

The IC/SC is another story.

The IC Cells are worth hearing. Spend your $$$ with them.
Tvad, no, I don't regret having sold thre PAD cords. I've not tried the Shunyata.
I recently replaced all my power cords except one with Shunyata Anaconda Alpha. They are installed on my amps, and sources. They were within my budget, and I'm quite happy with the results: clean, neutral, grain free clarity.

The other cord in my system is a BMI Hammerhead Gold MK III, which is installed on my preamp.
Thanks Tvad. The disease has been latent for a while. I'm now feeling it acutely. There ain't no cure.

No alternative?

I do think the SR Hype is found in statements like this.

The HA is not a great AC cable! It is good but not great. and don't give me this Synergy stuff with all SR wire.

There is a dude in Canada who is selling 9 Dale Pitcher Ref. AC cable. If Bander were to buy it and A/B it with the HD the ( old tech. ) DP Ref. would win hands down.

I do have the IC cells and think they are outstanding. Would love to demo the SC Cells.

There are alternatives out there Mr Ken. Lower your hype meter.