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best tuner for Sonus Faber
no problem pairing tube with ss- i prefer tube pre and ss amps with my cremonas and auditors--tube gives it a rounder sound that i prefer--i went with mac, a nice choice for sf-have fun,b 
Tubes OR solid state for Sonus Faber Cremona Audit
hi-i have the cremona auditors and listen exclusively to 1950's acoustic jazz--i tried lots of stuff, bought a mac ss but eventually went to an arc ph5 pre( about $1500 used on agon)( tubed) and mac mc 501's--these are thirsty speakers and you mig... 
Speaker wire guage for surround rear speakers
there are a lot of articles on this on the web- first, 4 0hm or 8 ohm matters as stated above--in general 14 gauge or better for that length - can't go wrong with thicker-i have a 40- 60 ft run with 4 ohm-- i ordered 10 gauge at first but it had t... 
Speakers for Mac 501's ?
same size room, same equipment- love my sonus faber cremonas 
Are 90's mid-fi units as good as hi-fi from 80's
Interesting to see the responses here-sort of age based-i grew up in the 50's with tube fisher, marantz and garrard tt--every decade since then has improved tv and easier maintenance and operation ( read that convenience) and quality of sound degr... 
Use both outlets or just one?
many amp manuf.suggest plugging the amp directly into the wall and the front end into a p/c. If your p/c has surge suppression, you are losing that as to your amp ( won't protect you from lightning anyhow)but some p/c will clip power from the amp ... 
Phone Preamp help for VPI Scout w Grado Sonota MM
went through all of this a year ago- went with the vpi scout with the dyna 20x, skipped the phono pre built into my mac, and finally found nirvana with the arc ph-5---its a bit over your budget ( around 1300-1500 used on agon) but , imho, far outd... 
whats the difference?
no- its a 20 amp line in an apt. 
Synergistic Research vs Gabriel Gold vs PAD IC's
I can't help you on that comparison but, for what its worth,i have mcintosh equipment into sonus faber cremonas, have compared the au24, au24e, and cardas gr, and love the SR line- the tesla's worked great ( very musical with good detail)but i tri... 
Which Cremona line speaker for surrounds?
Can't speak to the "m"'s but i have the cremona fronts and center and use the auditors as rear surround- they sit on stands approx 18" off the rear wall and the overall surround is outstanding- they are the perfect match--also, you might consider ... 
TIVO HD DVR - Which cables do you recommend?
or hdmi from bettercable 
help guide a vinyl newbie
did not compare on my system but read reviews here and elsewhere and spoke to an audiogon dealer, an honest guy who felt you do get more from the ph7 but not dramatically so much more as to justify price 
help guide a vinyl newbie
hi- consider buying an arc ph5 used on audiogon for around $1500--it'll give you plenty of thrill and most of what you get from the ph7 and lots of leftover money for mo' better vinyl 
Phono Stage Advice
i'm using that rig except with the hi- output version (orig. needed that but after later buying the separate phonostage, i would prefer low output)--i'm pairing it with an arc ph 5 and its utterly amazing, incredibly musical--absolutely love it. 
Synergistic Research Acoustic vs Precision Refere?
i have tried both the acoustic ref and pr in my system and have purchased pr and apex. SR cables , for me, are incredible. the top of the line apex is essentially a double ar-- the ar is warmer, rounder, more colored sound--the pr is just that, mo...