Symphony Pro PS-1 Harmonic Resonator. Asset or snake oil?

You all probably got an email promoting the Symphony Pro PS-1 Harmonic Resonator.

I've never heard of such a device.
Anyone have experience with it or a rival product.

Pretty wild claims!
@ebm Did you try it?
No email.  
Personally, I don’t bother much with tweaks.  My systems already sound fantastic to me.  I would rather spend the money on new music I have never heard before, makes me a little more diverse.  The only tweak I use that really made an audible difference are the GAIA II footers I use under my speakers. 
Thanks all.
To me, it reeks of snake oil... just wondering if, to my surprise, anyone had any experience with such a device.

An asset big time! Easily a major upgrade that exceeds any cable upgrade at 1/3 the price. It adds more clarity and fullness to the sound.
Definitely adds harmonic resonance.