Harmonic Tech Pro 11+ versus 9 and Magic

Hi Folks:

Pro 11+, for the money, is the best speaker cable I have heard. Would welcome opinions as to whether the 9+ or the Magic are worth the major jump in price, especially if the speakers that are used are not bi-wired.

Thanks for reading.
Hi Danhirsh:

As someone whom has owned both the Harmonic Technolgies Pro 9+ along with their Pro 11 since 2000 after hearing both as alternates to various Acoutic Zen models of the time and coming away loving what both of these had to offer more so then anything which the later Company had to offer - Period.

I'd say simply look further into what just might be possible with finding an Interconnect or 2 which will add more of what you're seeking from your chosing system and merely spend you hard earned dollars on where the matter the most into your Music Collection.

As I've often been told by quite a few dealers along the way - that many of them consider the Harmonic Technology Cbales to be to dark or colored throughout their entire spectrum if you will. I say to them in return just maybe you aren't use to Cables which show what they other ones are doing as far as adding coloration to the sound and in fact you simply prefer a more colored sound yourself - hence your reasons for no seriously understanding just how nice this line of Cables really is. I can go one even further and say for the record that these Cables are more then capable of holding their own as compared to far costlier Speaker Cables and then some.

As someone whom tend more then others to simply attempt to form a more systematic and/or synergistic whole approach to just how my system functions as a whole - I tend to tweak any and everything in my system prior to writing it off for the newest and greatest creations around the corner and simply except that even though somethings come across as sounding better here are there - they aren't that much more Musical than what I already own to begin with and I can therefore admit to myself - it would only lead to wasting extra money on something which isn't an upgrade for the better at all as it merely making lateral movements to say the least.

You can view my Inmate System Information here:

* http://cgi.audioasylum.com/systems/6246.html

As someone whom is also more of an Analogue thinker Per Se - I just have never felt the desire to become an owner of a Digital Camera merely out of choice - so that I'm not able to share my system as much as I'd love too - but for those whom have been able to hear it often state that I'm doing something very very very right. If you care to discuss this or anything as it relates to either Tubes and/or Music in general? please feel more then free to contact me offline - as it's always nice to come across the few People whom share like mines in this hobby.

Either way - please don't become part of what I consider a never ending Journey for the Abso!ute Sound when said sound is nothing more then an Illusion. What matters most in the end to said user is just how well your system is able to communicate the very inner essence and Beauty of the Recording in question? If it moves you? then what bother with what others say. As you are the one whom has selected your system based upon what you consider the most valid points of enjoying reproduced Music to the fullest - are you not?.

I say trust in what it is that your ears and heart tells you sounds correct and is able to move you into a state of joy and/or tears within any given moment all at the very same time. I can only hope that you're able to understand just where I'm coming from by making said statement to begin with?. It's all about My Fi as opposed to Hi Fi at the end of the day. Just food for thought and nothing more.
Be well and enjoy what I to consider to be some of the best sounding Speaker Cables out there bar none.

- Oscar