Has anyone heard thLight Harmonic Da Vinci USB DAC

Last week I attended the NY Audio show held at the Waldorf Astoria. I got a chance to hear the Da Vinci USB Dac from Light Harmonic (www.lightharmonic.com). This dac was partnered with MIT cabling, Wilson Sashas, Pass Labs preamp and a Mac Mini Hard drive. I waited in the room until I got the chair in the sweet spot. I must say I was duly impressed. My current set has a dCS front end (Delius/Purcell combo), with which I'm quite pleased. I'm looking for input from others who, perhaps, have heard this dac. It has absolutely been been added to the short list to replace my current front end.
Saw it last [email protected] Dagogo show and checked-in 001 at work(I'm an airport Skycap). The dac is optimized for USB which I'm not interested in.

Last year is was $15k with a $5k show discount. Now it's $20k and still made here in Sacramento.