Symdex speakers any information on these?

Would like copy of manual or reviews ,any information on these speakers picked up a pair great sounding speakers!
Symdex was not in business very long, the Sigma loudspeaker was the main product, though they also built another two way and a subwoofer. The designer, in his first design job I believe, was none other than the great Kevin Voecks. Voecks went on to design for Mirage using the Canadian Research facility, with Floyd Toole, and then went on to design for Snell, after Peter Snell passed away so tragically. Currently, he designs the Revel line for Madrigal.

The Sigma was a very fast two way. There was a review in The Audio Critic sometime in the early 80s.

Viridian is correct that Symdex was started by Kevin Voecks,however he sold the company to Leland Wallace. Leland brought out a 3 way speaker called the Symdex Epsilon, and later the Epsilon Signature. He also produced a newer 2 way called the Gamma. The last I knew Leland does many custom designs for Stereo and home theatre.

You used to be able to get in touch with him at INFO@SYMDEX.COM. I still own a pair of the original Epsilons.
Jkw, thanks for the correction. Did the Sigma use transmission line bass loading of a type? Memory fails.
All of the info posted by JKW1 is correct. I sold the line through the mid-90's and still own 2 pairs of their speakers, Epsilons and Gammas, both of which have, or have had, damaged drivers. I once knew Lee Wallace and thought that, due to our relationship in the past, I would hear from him, but have had ZERO luck contacting him. This has been a huge disappointment 'cause, as mentioned above, these are marvelous speakers.

My memory is always failing me. I think the Sigma was a sealed enclosure, I heard it at a shop called HI C audio in Leesburg Va. back in the early 80's. I thought it sounded very nice even without the omega sub, ended up buying the original epsilon which was a updated version of the sigma/omega combo in a single 3 way speaker which reminded you of a Vandersteen in appearence. Take care!

I have a pair of Symdex Gammas from 1993. Excellent 2-way floorstanders which I drive with a Pass Aleph 3 for my plasma TV. I also have an old pair of Symdex Sigmas (2-way bookshelf on a stand or 3-way on the Omega woofer base) from about 1985. Leland is an old friend of mine. He no longer designs and builds speaker systems, but he does help clients put together high-end audio and video systems. You can view his project for me in my virtual system. He can often be reached at Symdex Systems Ltd is located in Manchester, MA.
Hi All,
This is Leland Wallace of Symdex.
Symdex stopped manufacturing products in 1997 but we still have some spare parts. I would be happy to help!
Contact me at or phone 978-526-8765.
Hi Leland, I owned a pair of your wonderful sounding speakers which I upgraded many years ago with the acoustic magic treatment, rewired the bass drivers, & new bass drivers. I cannot remmeber model type. They were small with bass drivers in air tite enclosure & the tweeter were offset & exposed. I would like to know if you have any of these cabinets or schematics you are willing to sell & also any info on where to buy or get the acoustic magic product.
I cannot explain in words how very musical sounding & big these that litte boxes produced. They were awesome! Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time & consideration in advance.
R Cossetti
Hi Lee! Its good to hear you are still around! You may recall that we showed together at CES back in the early 90s.

All the Best,

I was looking for info on Symdex Sigma and ended up here. My friend Jimmy used to build these speakers in Framingham Mass. back in the old days,he also owned a pair. I am not a qualified audiophile but as far as my experience goes these were the most accurate,best sounding speakers I ever heard. I was hoping to find a pair to purchase.
I have a pair of Sigmas which I bought just out of college in 1985 from Tweeter in Boston. They are in their original boxes and in storage. I still use a pair of Gammas in a second system. I don't know if I'd consider selling, but please contact me via email by clicking on my username.
Peterayer, I shot you an e-mail but I figured I'd back it up here. I'm definitly interested if you decide to sell. Thank you.
I have Symdex Gamma Reference speakers. It's a very nice two way with what seems to be TL loaded or cleverly ported mid/bass driver. I really like them a lot. They sound very natural with good extended HF and nice round punchy bass.

Drivers used:
Woofer is Focal 7n412
Tweeter is TDL d-25S.

45hz to 25 khz
88 db 1 watt 1 meter
8 ohm impedance

They are easy to drive in in my room, I was even able to push them with 3W SEP amp, not very well, but it did work. They sound phenomenal with my Pass Aleph 3 and Symphonic Line RG11 amps.
I drive my Gammas with a Pass Aleph 3 also. Leland Wallace of Symdex was a Pass dealer at the time and I agree they are an excellent combination, though they would probably benefit from a bit more Pass Labs Class A power. Did you fill the bottom of the cabinet with sand?
I got them used and the bottom of the cabinet was already filled with sand as they are very heavy. My room is not very large 20x14 and they sound as good with 30W Aleph 3 as with 110W RG11 in this room.

I also tried them with my DNA-1 and it was a very nice match, but a bit too much power for them, I feel.

What I like about these speakers is ability to drive them with almost anything. They sound good with powerful SS and equally good with small tube amps.

These are my rock speakers at the moment. I also have SAP Trios that I use for jazz, vocals and other gentler music :)

I also just got a used pair of old Gallo Reference v1 balls and will be comparing them with Symdex. I am really surprised how good and undervalued a lot of the "old hi-end" speakers are, especially for the money you can get them now. Little Symdex put to shame many modern speakers in $3000 price range, and even some much more expensive speakers.
Hi Kingcrim55, curious whether you found any Sigmas to buy. If so, what system are you using them in? I have a pair from early '80s I think. Blew out a woofer on one side playing a Dave Grusin direct-to-disc album too enthusiastically. Now I'm looking for suitable drivers to restore them. Would welcome any suggestions on electronics to drive them with.
I have a set of these speakers in excellent shape in original boxes and packaging and took them out to listen a few weeks ago.  They still sound great even by today's standards.  However they don't have much low end.
Hi everyone,
I just noticed this old post and wanted to share that I do in fact have a pair of very hard to find Gloss Black Sigmas in their boxes and ready to be shipped as soon as somebody contacts me for purchase.
These specific ones are in number sequence, made at the same time and where purchased here in New York through Ears Nova and had the drivers replaced by Leland and then shipped back to me, never to be used again. They are still sitting in their boxes for somebody to enjoy them. 
Please contact me for details and arrangements for purchase.