Symdex Epsilons Info ?

I just picked up a pair of these. They stand about 4.5 feet tall and are tri amp ready. If anyone out there can give any info I'd be very thankful
A google search on "symdex epsilon" will return about six hits. Go from there.
Ya it was a good try but still no real info on them. Some one said Lee Wallace still works one them but can not fine how to get in touch with him
Symdex Audio Systems is located in Gloucester MA. It is run by Leland Wallace. The number is 978-526-8765 or e-mail at Leland is hard to get up with and your best bet is by e-mail. I have the original Epsilons which is about 20 years old now, and I still hook them up every once in a while for a listen.
I have the Epsilon Signature speakers and love them!!! I have multiple reviews including Stero Review, an owner's manual and a flyer with additional reviews on the speakers, and a very favorable audiophile review on the speakers.