Wanted Any Symdex Speakers

These Symdex Gamas have continually amazed me, especially considering the 50 dollars I paid for them. Many speakers have come and gone because these cheap speakers just sound better than most I have had in my room (not to say I have had many serious speakers)
My hope is someone out there has an old pair of Symdexs collecting dust that I could buy. There is just something about this Symdex sound that I like. 
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Sorry I am new to this, where are the wanted ads? 

What is this Idaho dudes info? 

I showed with Symdex at CES many years ago. Nice speaker. But I've not heard of them in years so its a good bet the surrounds on the woofers may need attention. There is a shop in Rosedale Minnesota that does that sort of work if you are successful in your quest and the speaker needs attention.
There are of course other speakers out there but maybe not for that sort of price.
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