Switch box & audio integrity

Will a cheap RCA switch box degrade my signal? I'm using for home recording to hook up 3 A/D converters to 1 monitor source. So, I really only need RCA Audio jacks.

Here's some links:




It seems this type of device may be appalling to serious audiophiles, but I can stand to lose anything the typical non-audiophile would not hear. So, how bad?

Other suggestions (<$100 since this is really only a matter of convenience)?

You can make your own out of a bunch of connectors and be "Super Audiophile approved". Buy 3 "Audioquest miniplug "Y" adaptors $10. each. Find another female miniplug to stereo RCA out. all you have to do is attach the RCA out to the mini males, and the RCA in to the mini female. plug the minis together for your connection as you use them. Cost $40 or so, and as close to audiophile approved as you can get under $100.
You could get a small metal box and put some female minis into it and have a nicer toy, eithher way good luck.
Thanks for the suggestion on building my own. I ended up getting some advise on pro-level gear I could find used on ebay and got a Kramer VS-401N 4x1 Audio / Video Switch for $32+10S/H. I couldn't find much info on but I realize at that price 'pro-level' is probably not appropriate. I only found one site selling it for $280 and no other info, so I thought I'd take a shot and do some A/B comparisons at home.

Anyway, if anyone knows this device and has thoughts on it please let me know!

I'm also interested in an audiophile grade switch box. I know decware makes one. Thoughts?
Hi Roggae

I don't know if this will help you but this is what I use to switch between inputs as one of my preamps only had one set of RCA inputs. It has a nice build quality IMO and I have not experience any sonic degradation in the systems I've used it in.

Niles AXP-1


I hope this helps and good luck with the search.
Try one and see. Not much to loose.

I use a switch like that I got at Radio SHack years ago for about $20 with my second system. It works fine there. I might be somewhat concerned initially using it in my main rig, but I would not know for sure until I tried.

In general, I would try to use a pre-amp with enough inputs built in first, but not hesitate to at least try a switching device if needed, especially if of decent build quality.
I would recommend Niles as a good quality brand to try.

I do use a Niles speaker switch in my main rig to switch in various speakers in various rooms, including my main speakers, the big OHM F5s, with no noticeable ill effects.
Here are links to a couple of additional possibilities, at higher price points, including the Decware model Roggae referred to:

Decware Zen ($329)

DB Systems DBP-2JAU/5 ($110) (click on the links under "DBP-2J/5" for further info).

I used the DB Systems switchbox many years ago with fine results. A possible downside, IIRC, is that it is fairly light, and it might therefore tilt upwards at the front if heavy cables are attached to it in the rear.

-- Al
I'll add the Goldpoint products to the list; I think they have a selector-switch-in-a-box (fixed-level-passive-preamp, anybody?)
This fellow uses better quality parts and will even price out custom binding posts/wire for you: