Svetlana 6N1P in new ARC VS55

The new Audio Research VS55 amp uses the Svetlana 6N1P for it's driver and input tubes. My understanding of this tube is that it is similar to a 6DJ8/6922 type and may substitute for these types in "some" applications. This amp seems to be very close kin to the VT60, and I wonder if anyone knows if the 6N1P can be used in it or in any of the ARC pre amps that use the 6DJ8/6922, I.E. SP9,SP14, LS1,...? This tube might be a promising prospect if it will work as a sub, and they are dirt cheap to boot.
The Decware Zen 84C amp comes with a 6N1P. You can substitute 6922, 6DJ8, ECC88. One guy even put a 12AX7 in there with decent results and no damage.
Check over at the tube asylum. I think I remember a post from the designer of the BAT pres (VK himself) that the 6N1P is NOT recommended for the 6922 in the BAT pieces. Run a search and you will find the threads. You are right, tho, they are dirt cheap and can substitute in some cases. Of course, maybe there's a reason they are so cheap. You might try the Russion 6H23Ps, tho. I have used them successfully and they are a little cheaper than the heavyweight 6922/Ecc88s.
The 6N1P is NOT a direct replacement for the 6DJ8/6922, although they are very similar. It has a different heater current requirement for one thing. I would definitely check with ARC first before trying this in your VT60. It would be worth the trouble in checking, as it is supposed to be a much better sounding tube.
Rlennan, that was what I was thinking.I doubt that they will work but I guess I will call Leanord at ARC, I hope he dosen't start yelling at me! It would be great if they would work in my pre amp(SP9) as well,I leave it on all the time since I don't agree with ARC about it warming up in an hour, it seems to take MUCH longer than that to really sound like it can, so the tubes need to be replaced every six months. The Sovteks are Ok and I have tried the Tesla which are OK too, I just don't want to get hooked on $100 NOS 6DJ8's,I hear if you crush them and smoke them your system sounds wonderful for about ten minutes. Then you got to go out and knock off a 7-11 so you can get some more. I would rather support someone manufacturing tubes now, so they keep makeing them. The cost is not my major concern since Sovtek 6922's can be had for $15 each and my whole system uses only 5 of them. It would be great to find a tube that soundes even better, it's such a simple upgrade.
ARC just says NO to the 6N1P in my VT60 and in the pre amps designed for the 6DJ8/6922.
My buddy went to the Richardsons Electronics web site and got Amperex Bugle Boys for $23 each - the best readily available 6922/6DJ8. They totally transformed his Ah Tjoeb cd player. It was harsh and grainy with the stock JAN tubes, and now sounds much smoother with the Amperex tubes. The web site says they don't have them in stock, but if you call them they do. Good luck.
I just "say no" to NOS. Thanks anyway.I am sure they sound great but I am poor! Great hobby to have if you have no job, no prospects, and no future. This is what being in the high end audio business 10 years has done for me!
Rlennan: Richardson purchased the Amperex trademark years ago and can relabel anything they wish as "Amperex". They have received quite a bit of flack about this in the audio chatrooms, but since they own the name/trademark, they can do as they like. I seriously doubt if your friend purchased old production high quality BB's for this price unless they were possibly rejects from another tube vendor who tests and grades their tubes.