about tubes svetlana winged c help

hello, i wonder to know if this tube its original or not


please help
You might take this question and your photo to the tubes asylum on audio asylum. They have a bunch of very anal tube-o-philes who can answer your question.
The tubes in the photos are not even close to similar to the Svetlana tubes that I have which were purchased by me in the 90’s.

Firstly, there is no "Winged C" on the tube I have. Instead it has a stylized "S". Under this "S" appears this description:

Svetlana Electron
Devices Inc
Made in Russia

I have other Svetlana tubes (KT 88’s) which were made after the sale of the Svetlana logo which had adopted the use of the "Winged C" logo, but this logo was in a fine print identical to my EL34’s and 6550’s made before the sale.

My guess is that these tubes are not original Svetlana tubes made in St Petersburg.


An addendum to my previous post. I went into my stash of Svetlana EL34 and I found some which were made about 10 years after the ones I mentioned previously. They had the "Winged C" logo and in descending order the following:
Made In
Totally different from those in the picture in the ad. Draw your own conclusions, but mine have not changed.

Not sure they are, I had NOS Svetlana winged C EL34s from the 1998-2000 production https://www.watfordvalves.com/product_detail.asp?id=1481
Actual pic https://postimg.cc/HJjqSgg5

I don't know what those are but they are not NOS Winged C's. 
Look here (you can click on the photo to enlarge it) and check out the printing on the tube. Much different. 
It the price is too good to be true.....
I have numerous Svetlana and SED EL34's, all purchased in mid 90's, all look like the tubedepot tube.
Check the reputation of the seller, most of all.
The printing on these tubes may be suspect, but the construction is a bigger factor in determining its make. New Sensor (Electro Harmonix and all the Mullard / Gold Lion / etc reissue labels) bought the Svetlana label circa early 2000s, and besides the "S" label they only partially mimicked the construction of the real SED / Winged-C EL34 tube (i.e. the 4 "spring" braces per mica - but even here, note how the SED braces of the top mica go DOWN whereas the New Sensor braces go UP). But they didn’t copy SED’s welded plates, and the top of the tube envelope usually looks sloppier (less symmetric). The linked tubes look more like real SED (St. Petersburg factory, now gone) than New Sensor factory, to me.

There also appear to be some getter differences in the SED production over the years, but the welded plates and top braces should be enough to help distinguish from a New Sensor "S" tube. If I wanted real Winged C I’d take a chance on these, but I’m risky like that lol.

I think I still have 3 of the "real" Winged C tubes in a closet somewhere, from 12 years ago. They were a quad - I can't for the life of me remember how I lost a *single* EL34 from that damn quad. I also had the New Sensor Svetlana at some point. The Winged C are definitely warmer and smoother. 
It has been years since I have had the true Svetlanas in my inventory but these looks like what true Svets became after New Sensor made this entire thing confusing. The Winged C tubes are the true Svets after I think about 2000 or so. They sound different than the New Sensor Svetlana branded tubes.
Per the photo the top spacer does not look like that of any St. Petersburg Svetlana EL34 I've handled, but perhaps production varied.

Can't tell from the pics if the plates are welded of crimped.

All of my Svetlana St.P tubes (including 300B's) had an off white stenciling (not black).

The Xpo-Pul/Reflektor factory tubes I've used (2A3/300B/6922) had black stenciling.