Surround Sound Processor Suggestions

My Classe' SSP-75 has been giving me problems, intermittently shutting off my sub and R channel, and Im debating if I want to ship it to Canada to have it looked at for the $$ it would cost me. I think im done with Classe' since this is the 2nd component to give me trouble. Im looking to go with a different brand and would appreciate your input. I listen 70% 2-channel, 30% surround. I would like a processor that retains similar performance, balanced inputs ect., with better reliability. I will probably have to purchase used again considering my income. Thanks in advance.
Michael Fremer from Stereophile did a review on the Matantz seperates, he loved them. About 5k new for the pair. I'm sure that dealers are discounting at about 30%.
I owned the Theta Casanova and now own a Theta Casablanca II. In my experience I've found Theta equipment to be very reliable. The 2-channel analog on the Casablanca is better than anything I've ever owned, and the surround for HT is outstanding.
i suppose the cassablanca would match well with my dreadnaught
Arcam AV-8 or early AV-9 before assembly was sent to China. AV-8 if you don't need/want HDMI. AV-9 if you do. In 2-channel mode, all the digital circuitry is turned off to help with noise. Can't recommend highly enough.
Audiofire5228... I went all Theta... I've got the Intrepid Amp and would love to get my hands on a Dreadnaught. What's held me back is the depth of the Dreadnaught.
Outlaw 990. Balanced inputs and outputs, DVI video 3-in/1-out video switching, 7.1 analog inputs, surround decoding for DD, DD-EX, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS-Neo, Dolby ProLogic IIx, upconverting to 24/96, etc. Excellent, linear, and transparent (yet smooth and musical) performance in the analog domain.

To make way for their new processor that does the lossless Blu-ray formats, Outlaw is blowing out the 990 for $699 new with warranty. This is a sleeper when it comes to its analog line stage, and the surround modes are very precise and yet natural-sounding.

Outlaw didn't design the 990. The engine was designed by Sherwood-Newcastle and Outlaw tweaked the feature set for their values and market. They added the balanced in/out feature. Here's Stereophile's UltimateAVMag review of the receiver version of the Sherwood-Newcastle.
I wouldn't suggest anyone upgrading their pre/s without something that allows the new audio codecs. The difference is amazing.
I have been using a Theta Dreadnaught with Meridian 568.2 processor. I have had the Meridian since 2001 and never had a problem with it. I think the Meridian products are exceptionally stable.