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cost of new tweeter for micro utopia be
I spent about $1k for a new tweeter for my Diva Utopia Be speakers when I broke one. That was no markup from either the dealer or distributor. You'll need to go thru the shop where you purchased it to get a replacement. 
Portable Travel Headphone Advice Please
I have the Phiaton MS500s and a Fiio E11 headphone amp and couldn't be happier. Works great for hotel rooms. The MS500s are apparently discontinued, so you can probably pick up a great deal on Amazon or Ebay. List was $300.If you use an iPhone(iPo... 
Cost of a new Beryllium tweeter?
I had the same thing happen with my Diva Be's back in 2005. The cost was ~$1000. That was direct cost, I had friends at both AudioPlus and the local hi-fi shop, neither added any markup. Mostly I think they just felt sorry for me.Hopefully they ar... 
Suggestions for reasonably priced speakers for MBP
Check out Audioengine. Might be the perfect fit for you. Small powered bookshelf speakers. $399 for the 5+ model, $199 for the smaller 2 model. Only downside out of the box is the headphone jack input, which you'd have to run from the headphone ja... 
Focal Alto Utopias Width and Depth of Sound Stage
I have the Diva Utopias (probably even harder to place with the side firing woofers). I noticed a big difference in the soundstage when I played with the toe-in of the speakers. They seem to work best with no toe-in, or just minimal toe-in if clos... 
Focal CC1008Be vs Utopia Center with 1038Be fronts
I have the CC1008Be as a center with my Diva Utopia Be mains. Given my choice I'd pick the CC since the Be tweeter will match across the front channels. 
JMLab Electra 906 / CC900 vs. new Focal Be's
I'm using Profile 908s as surrounds with Diva Utopia Be's and the CC 1008 Be. They have worked hard to "voice" their lines as close as possible so that you can mix and match. I don't notice a difference, especially since the surround channels are ... 
Ear Buds? Any good recommendations under $100?
Audeo PFE 011s. 
Best small speakers?
Dali Minuets are a steal at $1500. Add a sub and done. 
Rookie looking amp/receiver advice
With the new models coming out, a older Rega Brio might be a good solution. Price should be in the range. No remote, but also pretty well bulletproof and 50Wpc is plenty for a dorm. A nice stepping stone to better hi-fi after college too. 
Need A great Processor
Check around for a used Arcam AV-8 or AV-9. The difference is the AV-9 has HDMI switching. Great for both music and movies. 
Best $3,000 speaker/amp combo?
Rega Brio and Dali Minuets. Heard the pair at AudioKharma show and saving my money now. 
Arcam FMJ P7 or Parasound Halo A51?
I have the AV8 and P7 combo and LOVE it. One nice feature is the two separate toroids and windings in the P7. In stereo mode for music, the left and right sides are essentially monoblocks sharing one power cord. 
The $5000.00 Complete System Challenge
If you like Rega then stick with it. An Elicit, used if you can find one, or a Mira (integrated instead of separates for $$). Saturn CD to complete the Rega stack. For speakers, honestly, I'd go with Dali Mentor Minuet. Sound MUCH larger than they... 
Upgrade advice for processor
Arcam AV-8 or AV-9 (used) is well within budget. Fantastic for 2 channel.