Supratek out of business

All good things come to an end. For those who own a Supratek, you are very lucky to be blessed with beautiful music. Supratek (the company) may not have lasted a lifetime, but be assured that Mick built his equipment to last a lifetime.
This is true. Always a risk, bigger risk, buying from the smaller "one man" type of audio companies. I know they had grown nicely over thier few years of exsistence. I find some of the very best gear/sound for the $$ is found at these small direct sale companies.

Not sure what all the owners will do now as the gear ages and may need upgrades or repair.

Bill,hopefully the same Mike E. did at Counterpoint....
I might be just the guy to take the orphaned Dual Cabernet off some poor audiophile's hands!
I sure was happy with my Chenin over the years, since 2004.
It operated trouble free with not one hic up nor even alittle burp.
It still looks as good as the day it arrived.

For the price payed and for the delivered performance you received.

The Chenin with phonostage is most definitely in the best of best buys category....A true classic soon to be....

Even though Supratek Triode are no longer, "if" repairs are ever needed.
Any "competent" tech guy could easily do them.

Included in a short list of trust worthy skilled people you should get to know especially in this hobby , is agood tech guy and not just for repairs.
My current hifi set includes:apogee stage(spk),mentmore m-200(tube mono amp),supratek syrah and accuphase 65v cdp. you can see the first three brands have gone with wind.But I feel very happy and lucky with them. Almost every local audiophile friend,even those who own watt/puppy 7,avalon/jeff roland,ets, admirs me. A classic hifi work will exisit much longer than the manufactuer itself. As to post service, it's not a real problem at all. I'm perhaps the only supratek user in mainland china. Even if i got some problem in syrah(not any over the 5+ years),i can find a diyer friend to repair. It's simple to cure a tube gear.
So what happens now,does the value of the existing pieces appreciate or depreciate.I imagine like everything else it will be determined by supply and demand.Did I answer my own question?
I won' be selling mine! Somehow I have a feeling that will be the prevailing atitude of most owners. Mick said in the supratek thread he might make a few Chards now and again in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breathe... so I suspect ownership for some is still a possibility.

i know my dual cabernet is a keeper. i'm glad i got it when i did, though i had to wait damn near a year for it. i think the biggest reasons why supratek closed down is the weakened us dollar and the fact that mick never raised prices in at least the last 4 years.
Sorry to hear that. Glad I picked up a Chardonney recently (used). I think they will be harder to come by now since they are no longer manufactured. Considering what they probably should have sold for - I doubt they will depreciate much if at all. They may even go up in price! This is one of the best preamps I have owned. I know they don't last long on Audiogon. Nice to know that Mick is still going to support them if any problems occur.