Soundstage issue on Air Tight/Supratek matchup ?

I pretty much had my mind set on going for a Supratek Chenin or Cortese. Before pulling the trigger, however, I continued to hone in on as many discussion threads as possible in an effort to get as many perspectives as I could on the Suprateks. Since I have Air Tight (ATM-3) monoblocks, I became quite concerned when I read the following statements from Noble 110 during 2003, after he had compared the Syrah with several ARC preamps, a Macintosh and the Hoveland HP1000 : "Each of these preamps has a unique sound and quite a different soundstage presentation...The Syrah's...soundstage is much further back than one might expect from typical tube preamps...I have Air Tight ATM-3 monoblocks and Genesis speakers. These amps do reflect each component upstream, and I was surprised how different each of the preamps sound, especially in soundstage presentation." Personally, I do not like a distant soundstage perspective. I listen primarily to classical music, and prefer a perspective that is roughly row five to row fifteen. Is there anyone else out there who has a Supratek/Air Tight ATM-3 combo that reflects the description given by Noble 110 ? Since I wish to stay with my Air Tights (They weren't cheap.) and if this description is accurate, could any of you please give me some recommendations on tube preamps that provide the kind of hall perspective I am looking for ? I prefer lps to cds, but would seek first a full function tube preamp so that I could enjoy both lps and cds. I also favor a preamp that gives a big sound. Incidentally, I have never particularly liked the Audio Research sound. Other than that, thanks kindly for any helpful comments.
Can't speak to the Air Tight amps matchup, but I will give you my perspective from a Conrad Johnson amp/preamp point of view. The Supratek is exactly the opposite in my system and the sound seems to "jump" from the speakers and the image is more forward than my cj preamp. It was a little disconcerting to me as I am used to the more laid back, darker CJ sound and apparently over the years have become quite accustomed and enamored to that "stage". The pre is an older PV11 with phono. (souped up by Mr. Bill Thalmann). I was even thinking of maybe selling the Chenin as I was just going to wait and attempt to score a rare Premier 7a which is what I was chasing for a couple of years.

However, the vibrant nature and the much superior rendition of overtones and notes, especially in the high end and extension now have me quite enamored of the Chenin. The phono stage is extremely good and matches anything I have ever experienced. It will show you why so many prefer vinyl to redbook and non-audiophiles that listen to my system without prodding on my part routinely comment on how much "better" vinyl sounds.

I can't comment specifically to your case but I do have a dedicated listening room and use stats (ML ReQuests). The Chenin fits in wonderfully.

In any event, Have Fun.
Thanks, Steelhead. I'm currently in the process of having a dedicated listening room built for myself, and I had Martin Logan Quests several years back when I had lived in Miami. They were badly damaged by Hurricane Andrew. I've since had a custom built speaker (combination of ribbon tweeters with Dynaudio drivers) that was crafted by a former (and brilliant) friend of mine. I'm also familiar with the C-J sound, having had both a C-J amp and preamp several years back as well. My Air Tights have never displayed the more laid-back perspective typically associated with C-J equipment. In this context, your experience with the Chenin/C-J matchup is interesting. Let's see if I can gain any more information relevant to my concern. Thanks kindly for yours.
recommend a more neutral pre with good dynamic capabilities. I tried the ATM-3's in my system- a bit thick/slow for my liking, so IMO the more transparent and 'faster' the pre, the better- YRMV...