Supratek..Cabernet 6SN7 or Cabernet DHT

Hey all, I’m trying to decide between the two LS. I’ll be using the First watt SET-3 as my power amp. VPI prime with Lyra Delos cart. I
listen to a lot of classic rock, classical and some jazz. Any suggestions?
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From what I heard it's definitely worth the wait, I spoke to someone that got his about 3 weeks ago and he's smitten, he said it made a phenomenal difference in his system.  It's just a little frustrating but I trust that I will be well rewarded whenever it gets here. Mick said because of the whole pandemic situation, parts that used to take 2 weeks to get to him, now takes two months. It's a different world now so I have to be patient. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
At least you know the reason for the delay, I once became interested to supratek .I agree with the world we live now, everything slows down...Good luck
Have any of you received your DHT/6Sn7 preamps? Comments?
+1 @facten would especially like to hear about a comparison between the two typologies. Nice that you can just switch back and forth...
I am currently using a BHK Pre with the FW SIT-3 and wondering if anyone has compared the Supratek to the BHK ? Anyone paired the Supretek with the FW amps and can tell how they match up ? The SIT-3 due to its low gain need a bit more drive.