Supratek..Cabernet 6SN7 or Cabernet DHT

Hey all, I’m trying to decide between the two LS. I’ll be using the First watt SET-3 as my power amp. VPI prime with Lyra Delos cart. I
listen to a lot of classic rock, classical and some jazz. Any suggestions?
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Mick says he prefers the 6SN7 model, so that's what I purchased. If you get the DHT model have them ship it to me and I will break it in for you. 
6SN7 also what Mick told me and what I bought.
What phono stage are you going to be using with your turntable? Sorry if I overlooked it. I mention this because the cortese has a phono stage included.
Thank you guys for the recommendations. My phono stage is the Herron VTPH-2
Hey dentdog and jackd, what chassis finish did you get? The chrome looks amazing. I'm not sure what the powder coat looks like but that's usually a nice finish too. I had a PrimaLuna integrated amp with a powder coated chassis and it was gorgeous.
Powder coat and black case.  Goes with the rest of my gear.
Thanks, is the powder coat a glossy black?
No more of a matte finish. If you go the the website and then the blog you can see some pretty good photos of it.
Thanks for the info jackd. I really appreciate you answering my questions, guys like you make this forum a valuable asset to audiophiles or people that just enjoy well reproduced music. I'm settled on the Cabernet 6SN7 in wood with chrome chassis, It along with my First watt SET-3, should be a big improvement from my PrimaLuna Prologue integrated amp. 
Congrats, I really think you will enjoy your Supratek.  The ability to fine tune the gain really comes in handy and on both of my amps it has been dead quiet. Did Mick give you any kind of  lead time?
He responded to one of my emails and answered some questions I had. He said that it should be 3-4 weeks. I emailed him this morning to ask him about the payment process, I'm waiting for a reply.
Should be a down payment and then balance when it's packed for shipping.  Both via Paypal.  With that short of lead time now he must have all the chassis and cases back in stock and more caught up than he was.  
As soon as he sends his Paypal info, I'll get the ball rolling. I'll keep you posted. Best regards, Ian
Looking forward to your impressions of the pre, I am traveling the same kind of road, was lucky to catch a private sell of a Belles SA-30 Class A amp, hopefully get it next week, plan is to buy a Supratek Cabernet to go with it, Nick says the amps should be perfect for each other, I have looked at a lot of power amps the last two years, but mostly been thinking about class A, nearly bought the Luxman L590Aii intergraded amp, but was afraid I would miss tubes in the pre section too much..... Tubes..They can be annoying to maintain.... But the sound they make, makes it worth it.
As soon as I get it and let it break in a little I'll give you an update. After speaking to Mick and telling him about me trying to decide between the 6SN7 and the DHT, he told me that for a short time he'll be making a Cabernet with both outputs, gives me the best of both worlds and I don't have to decide which one to get; I'll have both. I ordered that one. Mick is an amazing guy and is happy to answer your questions; a precious gem to audiophiles and music lovers. Your Belles SA-30 amp is an amazing amp I was lucky enough to hear one in a friend's system, good catch getting one. I think the Cabernet would be a perfect match for it.  
Yeah, Mick is great, always ready to answer questions one has, does not matter how stupid !
Unfortunately I am not in position to take him on the offer he has at the moment,  concerning the Cabernet, hopefully the offer still stands a bit later in the year, I am sure the 6SN7 is the tube for me, but being able to choose is very cool indeed.
Yes I am really stoked that I got the Belles, the seller was a true gentleman and the buying experience was top notch, now just have to hope the cargo company takes good care of it.