Super Lube PTFE in NYC

Does anyone know a retailer in NYC that carries Super Lube?

Home Depot - Online Only
Lowes Park Slope - No
Pep Boys Park Slope - No
Synth PTFE on Ebay HERE

Not sure if this is what you are looking for
Check your local high end bicycle shop.
You didn't say why you want it, but reconsider if you plan to use it on anything with Oilite bushings because it will plug up the pores of bronze based bushings. Aside from that, it's really good stuff.
I need to re-apply grease to the platter bearing on my VPI Classic TT because the grease that came applied from the factory is very thick, and causing the platter to revolve very slowly after 5 minutes of playback. Hoping the Super Lube is a more effective lubricant.

Was trying to take care of it over the weekend but just ended up ordering some from Amazon.
Why don't you just contact VPI with your issue . They have excellent customer support. They e-mailed me with an answer to my question on Sunday morning. Can't get better than that.

I'm surprised to hear about the factory-applied grease as to my understanding VPI uses Super Lube to lubricate their inverted bearings. At least that's what they sell and recommend.

Did the grease you purchased from Amazon solve the problem?
Drove the table to VPI today and they had me fixed within 30 minutes. Great customer service and very knowledgeable staff.
So what ended up being the problem? Your experience and the solution may prove helpful to others.
What did Vpi do to correct the problem?
A light tap with a drill press was all that was required. Obviously nothing I would be willing to do myself, even if I had a shop or access to one. Spins effortlessly and sounds amazing.
They speculated that the spindle metal may have contracted and expanded. As I said in my 2nd post in this topic, it operated correctly for a few minutes before coming to a halt so maybe the friction could have cause the minute expansion that prevented the platter from spinning?