Suggestions for speakers for my Cary 2a3se monos

Does anyone have any good ideas for a good match for my Cary 2a3se mono blocks? These are beautiful sounding amps with 7 watts of pure bliss. I was using my Klipsch cornerhorns but sold them and picked if some chorus II . I was maybe going to try some full range single drivers. I'm not sure. Anyone have any good ideas? Thanks.
L used the Cary 2a3's for years with Lowther Medallions. Wonderful combination
Cary marketed a speaker under the Soliloquy brand called the SM2a3 I believe that worked great with their low powered amps ... not a single driver speaker though (2-way design). Will not be easy to find either!
I've owned the Khorns, Chorus II, Forte, Herseys, and Quartets (Quartets sounded the best of the Klipsch) and just sold a very nice set of Linn Majik 140's. These were all run with Cary CAD 120's and Cary SLP98P. I'm now running Lipinski 707's. Try to listen to a pair if you can. They sound fantastic with Cary gear. Not sure how much you have to spend, but the 707's are worth giving a listen to. Good luck.
Thanks, have you seen any sm2a3 around? They sound like what I now desire. Who knows, that could change.
Thanks, Mark.
have not seen any of the SM2A3's in quite awhile ... could post a WTB ad here and see if you get any response. very nice speaker but try to get a pair with the dedicated stands which bolt to the speaker. check eBay also!
DeCapo 3MMi is a fine match for an easy tube-friendly 8 ohm crossoverless two way monitor for a reasonable $1500ish. Living Voice is 94db. for more$ as a floorstander.
Zu Soul Superfly (101db.) for $1800 here on audiogon is very hard to beat with only a conditional, forward sounding - but not bright- presence, which I like, as a caveat. Lively sounding, as in, if you like Shelter or Denon cartridges.
I've heard these (though they were SE or Anniversary or some kind of special edition I believe) drive Zu Essence and they sounded awesome!