Rogue Zeus vs Rogue 150 monos

I am wrestling with a decision of which one to buy. The amp would be driving Vandersteen 2ci, copland 301 preamp, and Linn Ikemi cd player. I live in Canada, a long way from the nearest Rogue dealer [2000 km away] so have to buy based on what I read. Would appreciate any comments on this decision!
You could email 'watsup' (a member - his name is John) he was driving a pair of Thiel 3.6's with the 150 monoblocks.
See if he considered the Zeus first. (I don't recall.....)
Where in Canada are you? There is a Rogue dealer in Hamilton,Ontario.I own the 150,s and considering the purchase of Zeus for bi-amping. It will be driving the woofers of Aerial 10T while my 150's will do mids and highs.
Haven't decided yet.
Both ampilfiers sound simialar. The zeus has More power. I talked the Mark Obrian About mine he said its much more then 225 a side.Keep in mind this thing ships at 225 on a pallett/box, as the 150's are much easier.The power supplys are very overbuilt as well as the output xformers. Triode switch is right there to switch and sit, standby is nice, has dual low speed fans to keep circutry cool, Balanced input, and will dominate the room its in looks cool with the tube cage on also.I love mine. Blows the Hurricanes away as far as power, Cleaner then the vtl300's more refined then the rogue120's,smoother then AR Classic 60's,better match to the von schweikerts then the cary v12,ect.
The strong point is the midrange, lows then the highs.
The 150's and Zeus sound completly diffrent then the 120's not as solid state. Zeus has midrange to die for while speedy highs and taught lows. First tube amp i havent clipped yet...
Well Ill tell ya what ive owned the Vandersteen 2C with a krell kas250 with good results. I also know that those speakrs will benefit from every watt you give them.
when using a Zeus I was told by the designer Mark that his Favorite driver tubes are RCA Blackplate 12au7, and mygod is he correct. While not ruler flat in responce the spaitial
effects are pretty attention getting. Ive never heard the 150's but loved the 120's the Zeus isnt better its diffrent.
Id like to biamp with 120's and zeus. Cool