Suggestion for Amp with 2 sets of spk terminals

I'm looking for suggestions of a great sounding 80-100 watt per channel solid state amp that can be used to power two sets of speakers. Ideally switchable. Price range used $1,500.

I have a VAC tube amp for my main speakers, but am looking for a warm sounding solid state amp for my kitchen speakers (this amp gets left on 24/7). I want the second set of outputs so I can use it to power both my kitchen speakers and main speakers (as an alternative to the VAC on occasion.)

My dream solid state amp would be something like a used smaller Plinius that had two sets of speaker terminals. Okay that obviously doesn't exist, any suggestions of an amp that meets my requirements that does exist?

Comments, suggestions, how about a Belles 150A.

Primary System Meridian electronics and Tyler Linbrook custom 3 way speakes.

Kitchen speakers - Proac Tablette 50s.

Why not just buy a switch? After all, that's what you get if you have an amp with 2 sets of switchable terminals.

Let me be clear, you leave the VAC on 24 hours a day or you want your new amp to do this? A good used choice would be the older Belles designed OCM 200 amps, that can be had for a song and sound, reportedly, very decent, almost Class A like. No serious amps will have an A and B speaker switches as you are looking for.

The VAC gets turned on when I fire up my living room speakers, the secondary solid state amp is to be left on 24/7 for the kitchen speakers and if I find one of high enough quality, I'll on occasion use it for the LR speakers too.
Yes, the Belles 150 or an older OCM 100-200 will fit your requirement nicely....though the OCM cosmetics are sort of early 90s, if you know what I mean. The sonics are unquestionable.