SHAKTI- ON-LINES on speaker terminals?

Has anyone tried Shakti On Lines on your speaker terminals? I tried it based on a tip from a friend who works in the industry. Works like a charm. I got more "there" and imaging was much better. Background noise was also much lower. Dynamics, soundstage and inner detail was also improved.

Try putting them on top of your loudspeaker terminals. Your comments please?
I have tried it and agree that it works. Also works on interconnects and power cords. Try putting the Shakti Stones inside your speakers on the crossover, if possible. I did this with the Talon Khorus, and it worked very well. The only thing that works better than the Shaktis are Bybee speaker and interconnect filters. With these in place, the Shaktis make no difference at all on those cables, and all of the effects you hear with the Shaktis are much greater.
I tried the Shakti stones on the networks of my transparent reference cables. WOW!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!! These stones really work. I am waiting to try a couple of the on lines. Good luck.