Bi wire with one set of speaker terminals?

Hi everyone - need advice...

Can I bi wire my speakers from my Krell KAV 300i that only has one set of speaker terminals.

If yes how? (Can I use banana plugs for one run and spades for the second run from oeach set of terminals?

Should I just stick with the jumpers and one wire?

You can buy bi-wire speaker cable - one termination on the amp end, 2 on the speaker end. Kimber 8TC is a popular choice, but pretty much every cable can come that way.

Not sure you'll see much of a difference over one wire and good jumpers anyway. Seems to vary with different speakers.

Or, yes you can can use bananas and spades with 2 runs, just make sure the cables are the same.
You can do it as you suggest or you can get a set of shot-gun biwires that have a pair of connectors on the amp end and 4 connectors on the speaker end.

OTOH, I recommend you just use a single decent cable and the necessary jumpers.

Thanks...Should I makle the jumpers from my speaker cable or can you recomend good ones

Thanks again for the help!
The classic method of biwiring from one set of posts at the amp to two sets at the speaker is to have a pair of cables made up with two runs of wire from one set of spades or bananas) to be a separate wire run to each of the posts of the speakers.
The pros of doing so is the hope that the sound will be better. The cons of doing so are the comment one could buy a 'twice as good' single run of speaker cable and thus ALSO have better sound. (and use a jumper of the same speaker cable)
To use one wire from spade, and one from banana would be OK, but not as correct an impementation.
Either way. (i personally use two runs of 8TC Kimber and biwire)
Bi-wiring comes in handy when you have two different cables to use for tunning the tweeter separate from the mids and lows.
Other that that, a single cable with matching jumper will work just fine.
It also works well where you can use Silver for the top/mids( highs and mids ) and copper for the bottom ( lows ),from the same manufacturer..I did it years ago using Audioquest Argent for the highs and Midnight for the lows..Great combination and to me this is the best way to bi-wire where you use can both silver and copper under the best situation.......
Use a jumper cable that is at least equal in quality to the SC's.
Samhar is correct. The jumper is as critical as the cables.