Stillpoint component stand with Verity Parsifals

I found a 6 year old post singing the praises of putting a stillpoint component rack under Verity Parsifals. I am thinking of doing the same thing. Just making sure I do this right. The thread of the bolt under the veritys fits a stillpoint, so I take it you screw 4 stillpoints under the speaker and put them on four inverted risers that come with the component rack. Is this how it works?
Edorr, I don't know the answer to your question as it relates to a 6 year old post.

What I can tell you is the new Stillpoints Ultra (made from Stainless steel) is the best from Stillpoints and the best footer I've heard. I bought two sets a week or so ago and have been trying them under everything.

The Ultra is an expensive item, but then again so is the Verity Parsifal. If you cannot justify the purchase price, the old model Stillpoints is an excellent product and likely still next best.
Albert, are you using the Stillpoint Ultra's direct to the carpet? I was considering a set of 4 of the Alum. model for my Parsifals but wonder if that would work direct on the carpet as opposed to carpet piercing spikes.
I am still trying to figure how I would set up a stand under my speaker on carpet. Would I just put four mini inverted risers on the carpet and place the stand on it?
Albert, are you using the Stillpoint Ultra's direct to the carpet? I was considering a set of 4 of the Alum. model for my Parsifals but wonder if that would work direct on the carpet as opposed to carpet piercing spikes.

I'm not qualified to answer, I've always had my isolation products (Grand Prix, Stillpoints, etc) on a hard floor.

I suggest calling Paul at Stillpoints and ask his advice, no doubt this comes up every day for him. If you get an answer please post here so I and everyone else can read.
I did call Bruce, he is very helpful and a wealth of information. He recommends using the Ultra bases directly onto the carpet. He feels that there is little difference between floor types with the stillpoints as they are very effective in dissipating energy independent of the floor type. His first recommendation with be the ultra base directly onto the floor. The standard stillpoint would need an inverse riser otherwise the carpet would contact the stillpoint body and not the the wt. bearing center. I thought of another advantage of the ultra, it will make changes in positioning easier, which is very important in the Parsifal as I have found it sensitive to positioning. Guess I need to order some extra stillpoints.
Good luck with your venture Davt and thanks for passing on the comments and instructions from Bruce.
Symosium custom Svelte shelf works great between woofer and midrange tweeter.
Decided to forgo the stands and just ordered 8 x Stillpoints Ulta Aluminum. Let's see of good things will happen to my speakers.
Decided to forgo the stands and just ordered 8 x Stillpoints Ulta Aluminum. Let's see of good things will happen to my speakers.

Would like to read your report after installing the Stillpoints if possible.
Installed 8 ultra's aluminum under my Verities. Note that I always assume all tweaks are snakeoil until proven otherwise and sat down with zero expectations. Also I have had little succes with vibration control so far in my system. I am happy to report this has all changed with the Ultra's. Unbelieveble - big difference. More detail, and somehow a "cleaner" sound. I have carpet on concrete and was using spikes before. I can only hypothesize energy was previously reflected back into the cabinets, that now gets dissipated in the stillpoints. Keepers.
As a long time Stillpoint user and having heard the Parsifals using stillpoint stands and all components on a stillpoint rack including the amps I hardily agree that the Stillpoints are probably the best isolation device in dissipating energy as Davt notes. That particular set-up at an audio show was one of the most memorable audio systems I've experienced with much of it IMO the result of the extensive use of Stillpoint products along with a better than average room that allowed the system to open up without the typical room limitations at shows.

I am currently using stillpoints and risers, not the ultra, under all my components including the Merlin VSM speakers. The speakers are mounted on the speaker stands, 3 points. These are truly components that are beyond hype and really perform as advertised although why a stainless steel cone with ceramic balls would do what they do I am clueless. All I can say is they really work in opening up the soundstage, greater clarity of the harmonics, separation, that makes the music more there. Great product!

As a further note although not relative to your specific question. The Merlin's as you may or may not know are a highly evolved product that come with spikes provided by the manufacturer. These work quite well and in my listening comparisons with the Stillpoints note that the bass impact is better with the stock spikes. Having said that it was my also my impression that the Stillpoint speaker stand provided more of the music in all other parameters noted above.
Tubegroover, when I posed my original question I was not aware of the Ultra's and considering to do what you are doing, i.e. put two stands under my Verities and use dampers and risers. I found out about the Ultra's and Bruce @ stillpoint confirmed they would outperform the stands + dampers so I passed on the stands and went down the Ultra path instead. Additional benefit is I don't find the stands particulary aestehetically appealing, whereas no such issues exists with the Ultra's. I suspiciously high number of stands have been showing up on audiogon lately, so I suspect folks are swapping stands for Ultra's. Amazing how we always find ways to sink more money into this hobby.
I have used Stillpoints on and off and can also confirm their efficacy. What is the price tag on the Ultras?
There are aluminum and stainless steel versions. The former are listed at $160 each, the latter I believe are $200. Not cheap.
Not cheap indeed. I presume they are a step up from the component stands which are starting to appear for sale on Audgion?
When all is said and done the ultra work out cheaper as the component stands, and are supposed to outperform them. Aestetically, the ultras also have a leg up
Quick followup question on mechanics -- for the ultras, do you remove the stock brass footers from the Parsifal (assume they screw off?) and replace them, or do you (could one) effectively install the ultras into the stock brass footers, screwing them into where the stock spikes live? (Might look a bit silly with stacked footers, but curious). Also, am I correct in assuming that, with the ultras, you can still thread them at different levels in order to level the speakers (dealing with an uneven floor, so important in my case, and also am growing to appreciate a slight forward tilt that, as I saw suggested here, actually raises the soundstage pretty effectively).

I currently have them on the stock spikes, and the spikes then into (onto) granite blocks on furniture slider pads. Very less than ideal, but my setup requires that I move them all the time -- lets just say that day-to-day use of that end of the room and ideal listening placement look rather different. All in all, practical if not relatively effective. But always on the lookout for improvements. Many thanks.
You take off the brass spikes and screw on the ultra's. The ultra's themselves have a hardhat screwed on allowing you to level the speaker.
Thanks. Hadn't undertaken to actually upended the things to confirm the brass cones in fact come off. If you don't mind another question, how much travel (for lack of a better word) do you get with the stillpoints? Like the stock brass cones / steel spikes because you can get near a full inch between the front and back spikes, and on one corner I unfortunately am close to needing that much...(ok, some exaggeration, but not as much as I might like). Thanks again.
1 inch would be a stretch. Between the thread on the speaker itself and the ultra's may be 0.5 inch.
Many thanks. I remain very intrigued by the stillpoints. I'm still relatively new to my Parsifals, so I may yet spend some time getting to know them before I jump at the next upgrade. But I see these things in my future....
Hello All !
I do not know if I will be ostracised for this post, but I ordered & purchased 15 pieces from the Indian D & D of Stillpoints.
The Ultra SS i.e.
I tried them for a while.
Below my dCS Scarlatti [all the boxes] & Cadence Canasya - my Speakers are from Tidal [Germany]
However, to my ears the sound just got worse;
I tried to use it 'dimple' up & also 'dimple' down. 'Dimple' part loose & slightly tighter etc. In all cases, I much preferred my Alto Extremo's below the gear.

If I have made some 'mistake' can some one 'guide' me !
I shall truly appreciate it.

This Ultra SS is very highly reviewed & I feel very strange when I write this, but the sound was just not down my alley with the Ultra SS below my dCS Scarlatti. They [dCS] sounded better with the Alto Extremo below them.....

For better response I suggest you start your own "Stillpoint Ultra" thread.
I just ordered 12 Ultra SS to go under my speakers/ASR amp. Was told by my dealer Fenando Cruz that the Black Ravioli Footers would be better on my Dac/transport than the Stillpoints.

Will not unload my Equarack Footers till I hear the Ultra SS.