Starting a new system...

I just found a great deal on some items, and I plan to build a new system around them. What I've got so far are two 1 meter pairs of single-ended Siltech Compass Lake interconnects, a 2 meter pair of Nordost Valhalla speaker cables with spades at both ends and three 2 meter Electraglde Fatboy power cords. Any recommendations on what source components, amplification components, power conditioning equipment and speakers would go well with what I already have? Thanks alot everyone:)
have you treated your room for those Nordosts yet?
Make sure the amp/s are within about six feet of your speakers and no more than six feet from AC outlet/s. The ideal setup for those Compass Lake ICs is less than three feet between source, preamp, and amp. You could also get two sources and an integrated amp. I know each of those cables and cords will sound best if they are connected to something at both ends.
Are you from Australia?
This has got to be the most inspired search. Most people identify the main components and then match the interconnects, cables and cords accordingly. I have no suggestions but I will watch the recommendations that come in with great interest.
Are those cables neutral?
I own siltech Ls 120 g3,and from what Iam reading
on the nordost valhalla,they are both a
little bit bright .My speaker recommendation,
B&W, any dark sounding speaker,Ill go with tube
player.It seems to me money is not a problem.
Halcro amp and preamp.You might be able to get
away with the Amati, and the Parsifal,or Andra
Sorry, no experience here in regard to building a system from the ground up with the listed cables - however I may be able to suggest perhaps a better starting point (different cables to "sprout from") with a tad more info.

You might also consider basing the new system on "neutral" cables. In this case just check out what gear the local chain restaurants are using (certain that the seater-greeter will more than happy to supply this info).
Th: Thanks for the laugh : )

Having said that, I would follow the advice of what Eagle had to say. He is surely "sharp as an Eagle" and his recommendations are right on the money : ) Sean
It's too bad you already bought the I/Cs, P/Cs and S/Cs. It would have been good if you had taken the contact enhancer your going to use and your favorite RCA plugs and spade connectors to put on the ends of the cables you were considering.

It would have also been useful to contract the power company that feeds AC into your home and to have had them run dedicated lines that mimic your AC into the audio shop you were auditioning at. Then, within a 2 to 3 square mile area, ask all the business's to cease operations that require any AC usage for about 4 hours while you audition stuff.

A little more time and effort but……….Oh well. :o)

Hope I said something,
Cool system, TH. I would have started with the audio rack first though.
Cables are a silly place to start. I'd build a system based on a Radio Shack SPL meter.
Now that I've though about it some more, maybe I should pick out some nice tweaks before buying any components.
I always go to my phyciatrist and get the $200 cryogenic treatment before begining a new system building process, helps the thought process and can save you a LOT of money over the long haul.
Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one to have had my head cryo'ed. It really helps me think more rationally, and it also improves inner ear function dramatically!
There ya go! See what happens when you think outside the " nine dots"!

,sdrageR dnik