SS integrated amp to drive Wilson audio sophia/WP7

I want to have a simple system. What is a good ss integrated amp to drive wilson audio sophia 2 or WP7 with Linn ikemi cd player and transparent super cables?
conrad johnson ss
Hi the BAT VK300 intregreated is great match. I've heard this on a number of occasions...
My Sophia2s arrive in a few days, and I'll be able to comment on the Ayon Triton Intergrated/Sophia2 combo. Like you, I'm trying to keep my kit as simple as possible while pushing for more performance. BTW - the Triton replaced a BAT vk300x-se Integrated. I had both units for about a month, and Triton was head and shoulders abvove the BAT. That comment is coming from a long term BAT user (vk31-se, vk51-se, vk52-se, vk250-se, vk0600-se, vk75-se, vk300x-se). If you're up for a tube integrated, give the Triton a run...
I would give a try to the new Pass integrated.
I would add the Accuphase E450 or E550 to that list.
I'd second on the Pass Integrated.
LSA Statement, hybrid, tube pre, S/S power section.
$11K. Very, very musical.
The Wilson's are so good, they'll show off the enormous power of the amp while simultaneously showing their power handling with this beast.
Winston Ma of First Impressions replaced his $30K Rowland mono blocks in order to use this power amp.

How much do you want to spend? New or second hand. If you want power from an integrated amp a 2nd hand Musical Fidelity tri-vista 300 might do the trick. It is also a very good amp.
With regards to the other posters recommending the Pass integrated, keep in mind Pass makes 2 integrated amplifiers.

Their lower power integrated does not have enough juice to optimize the performance of your speakers.

Dealer disclaimer
BAT 300xSE. personally had this combo.
As alreaday mentioned, LSA Group integrated amps are very nice and I expect in the tier of integrated amps you would be looking at. But there are many others to consider. It would be nice if you can get a reference from Wilson of an integrated that is known to have good synergy with the speakers.
Audiofeil - I didn't realize Pass had come out with the INT-30A. So what are your thoughts of it compared to the INT-150, besides the obvious power difference?
I was told by Wilson audio that they used Boulder, MC MA6900, Naim SuperNait to demo the sophia/WP.

I am interested in Nait XS, MC MA6600, Accuphase E450. Does anyone has experience or comparison for these three? It is hard for me to find a dealer to listen to the Accuphase or Naim .
The Wilson's are linear enough to not require "tell it like it is" components. That said, the Naim XS with a flatcap XS would be a damned good affordable solid state match with the Watt Pup's. You will be seeing more and more Naim/Wilson pairings at shows in the future, I can almost guarantee it.
the accuphase has a very linear sound. Warm sounding but with details. Very balanced sounding.
I would imagine it will go well with the Wilson speakers. They seem to go well with most hi end speakers I heard them with.
the Naim are known for their pace, rythm and timing forte. they are also fun amps & have been known to drive the Wilson Sophia's well.
However between the Naim and Accuphase, I much prefer the refinement of the Accuphase. The E450 for instance has 180w of power which will have enough headroom for the Wilsons.
Hard to go wrong with the Accuphase.
I have the Pass INT-150, and can definitely recommend it as a stellar integrated amp. I haven't heard it with the Wilsons, however, so can't help there. I've heard the MA6600 with sonus faber and was VERY impressed. The 7000 is also very good, but you can't turn off the meters, there's no digital readout for volume, and it's a bit on the big side--still wouldn't keep me from trying one, mind you.
The best Wilson sound I have heard came from a Naim setup - the new
SuperNait could be an option as well as a Levinson integrated.

I have a Burmester integrated amp and the sound fit Sophia 2 very good. Burmester 032 or 082 should be good matches. I have used 051, but its may be a little low on power. The other two mentioned has power enough.

Good luck. Love the Sophia 2's.

Cheeers, Toffen, Norway
I used to own WP7s and drove them with a Spectron Musician IIISE amp paired with a VTL TL7.5 pre. I replaced the amp and pre with a APL UA-S1 integrated. Sound was better and footprint was smaller.