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Best treatment for speaker feet????
I would not recommend spiking speakers to a suspended wood floor. That will transmit energy from the speaker to the floor and end up shaking the floor and walls. I can easily hear this with my speakers on a suspended wood floor. And I can fell it ... 
Is my room OK for Magneplanar 3.6's
The two most important things in a system, for me anyway, is selecting good performing speaker that I like the sounds of AND that can integrate in to the room very well. If they can't integrate in to the room well, can't be placed in their optimal... 
how connect bryston bda 1 to macintosh
Hiface is the way to go. 
Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
Pure Music is less expensive at $100. 
Best $2000-$3000 full range speaker?
Your post is way to long to read. Why can't people be more to the point. I can only recommend go listed to some speakers at a good dealer or people you know. 
Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
It's good to see people post actual, real world impressions. Some many professionally published reviews say everything sounds great. Keep up the good work of posting some good comparisons. Would love to see more real peoples thoughts on the Ayre U... 
Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
When you did the last audition at your friends place, what were the transports involved? A computer at all? What transport for the Bidat?Bryan 
Magnepan MMG or Vandersteen 1C
IMO not the Maggies if you're speakers will be on the long wall. You won't have enough overall depth to bring them far enough out in to the room. You'll have a nasty front wall timing/reflection issue from the dipole backwave. Not to mention the r... 
I listened to this dac for 3 straight days in my system and I like it, and respect what it does and how it sounds, but I personally find it lacks excitement and is too laid back for my tastes. Just listen to the Ayre in your system before you give... 
Diffusion versus absorption behind speakers?
I would consult with GIK on this. I think that wall should be third on your list behind bass traps on corners, ceiling etc, then high frequency absorption at the side wall reflections. But get some advice from the pros at GIK and Real Traps too.Ge... 
Noob Planar Speaker Advice Needed
You will not get mids that blow you away with planars or cones if you don't put bass traps in the room. I'd start with a good amount of bass traps before buying new speakers. Something like GIK Tri Traps. They can be moved to a future room easily.... 
amp or preamp most important
Nothing wrong with bringing this up. If every post was totally on topic, it would be boring, and restricted and not very informative. 
amp or preamp most important
IMO the heart and soul of a system is the room acoustics and the speaker. Then the speaker and amp. 
Upgrade from DACMagic? B&W 805S rig
If you want to really take full advantage for your speakers, make sure they are placed ideally and then add bass traps in all the corners. Better than spending money on subs, so-called upgraded DAC, or even music. 
Magnepan Owners - Need Your Thoughts Please
You put them right on the Cardas dipole placement math results. I'd be quite surprised if you get much improvement from where you have them now. A little fine tuning a half inch here and there and toe-in adjustment is probably all it takes now. I'...