Spendor SA1 vs Harbeth P3ESR

Hey guys,

I am going to buy a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers, so my favorites are P3ESR and SA1. Can someone who has owned both speakers make a proper comparison? I had the opportunity to audition the harbeths (not that thoroughly though) and the C7ES3s too and I liked them. The SA1 has great finish and I saw it was more expensive than the S3/5R2 back then. My room is small, about 15sq.m. so something bigger like the C7 won't be suitable. I listen to jazz, but I love Nirvana, Lou Reed etc., therefore I look for the better all-rounder. The budget is about 1000 Euro for a secondhand pair 😊

Thank you in advance!

I’ve owned both and many more of that type of speaker. IMO, the Harbeth is the best!

The fit and finish is better too.
Thank you very much! If anyone has something else to say, let me know 😊
Well I really like my SA1’s, but I haven’t heard the Harbeths so can’t compare the two.

I’ve got the zebrano finish SA1’s, and they look really good, with grills on or off. They sound fantastic, but then I’m a Spendor guy. 

I’m using them in a small room that is about 14’ x 10.5’

You've probably seen the review, but if not here's what Stereophile's John Atkinson had to say about the two in comparison in the Harbeth review from 2010:
The obvious rival to the Harbeth is the almost identically sized and priced Spendor SA1, which I reviewed in August 2009. I no longer had these speakers to hand, but from my listening notes I would venture that they are somewhat more mellow-balanced than the Harbeths, within a similar performance envelope. The SA1's low frequencies also had a little less weight. A system that is somewhat on the bright side, or that doesn't allow the speakers to be placed well away from room boundaries, might work better with the Spendor.