Spendor SA1 vs Harbeth P3ESR

Hey guys,

I am going to buy a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers, so my favorites are P3ESR and SA1. Can someone who has owned both speakers make a proper comparison? I had the opportunity to audition the harbeths (not that thoroughly though) and the C7ES3s too and I liked them. The SA1 has great finish and I saw it was more expensive than the S3/5R2 back then. My room is small, about 15sq.m. so something bigger like the C7 won't be suitable. I listen to jazz, but I love Nirvana, Lou Reed etc., therefore I look for the better all-rounder. The budget is about 1000 Euro for a secondhand pair 😊

Thank you in advance!


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Thank you very much! If anyone has something else to say, let me know 😊