Speltz anti-cables and Vandersteens.......

Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp to my Vandersteen 1C's....I'm now using Audioquest type 6+ speaker cable and am considering a switch to Speltz anti-cables. Anyone out there with a similar set-up ? Happy with the music ? I'd appreciate your thoughts. Yes I know I'll have the anti-cables with a 30 day guarantee, and yes I know it's up to me and my ears to decide. I'm just interested in hearing your ideas. Thanks.
Keep what you have. AQ has always been a great match for Vandersteen. I have owned both the 1c and type 6 and got excellent results with both pieces. If you don't mind my asking, what is the reason for the switch?
I heard the anti-cables in a friend's system. The day I was there, he swapped out his StraightWire cables and put in the anti's. We were both pretty amazed with the improvement in the sound of music. So, for less than a hundred bucks, I figure it's worth trying them out.
It is worth a try. Most seem to like them. The only negative that seems to come up about the Anti cables is that some people think they are bright, I doubt that would be a problem for you so you may well like them.
Thanks Phil.... They should arrive tomorrow or Saturday. I'll post my initial impressions once I get them plugged into my system over the weekend.
Pre-form them so they're off the floor and don't touch anything around them, easy to do.

Disclaimer: Anti-Cable end user
2:30 Saturday afternoon, after two hours of listening to the anti cables right out of the box ..... pretty impressive so far. The cables arrived via USPS Priority Mail, very well packed, with spades on the amplifier ends and banana plugs on the speaker ends (a necessity with Vandy 1C's.) Once stretched out, the cables were easy to manipulate and connect into my system. The cables are very stable "floating in air" between amp and speakers, without touching anything else. As you can see by looking at photos of my system, the left speaker is a lot closer to the rack than the right speaker. Following the advice of Paul Speltz, I bought a six foot cable for the left, and a twelve foot cable for the right. 18 feet total ..... $98.00 with shipping. A rather inexpensive investment.

My routine demo tracks include the acoustic "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band Second Set), "Tell Me Why => Old Man" (Neil Young Live at Massey Hall), "Lush Life => 'Round Midnight" (Clifford Jordan Live at Ethel's), "Stormy Monday => Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley), "Danny's All-Star Joint => Coolsville" (Ricky Lee Jones), "Tequila Sunrise => Hotel California (Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over"), side one of Sonny Rollins' "Way Out West", and side one of Steely Dan's "Aja." A fairly good sampling of well recorded music, which has always sounded mighty fine on my system.

My initial thoughts..... increased dynamic range with more sparkling highs and properly textured bass, natural midrange without any apparent congestion, very good positioning of voices and instruments within a nicely defined soundstage, excellent truth of timbre, and a very clear presentation of each recording. No noticeable harshness or rough edges, and very nice flow, decay, and distinction of musical notes.

The sound of music is definitely different from my AudioQuest type 6+ cables, but it's too early to tell if the music sounds "better"...... I'll let the new cables burn in for a while, and update my thoughts in a few days. Our hobby really is pretty cool, and it's a lot of fun to share this kind of stuff with all you guys and gals on Audiogon. Happy Listening.
Well, I let the cables burn in over night, and now, after 24 hours, my initial thoughts are easily reinforced. After listening to more of the "usual suspects", (Rob Wasserman Duets, Muddy Waters Folk Singer, Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat, Sinatra at the Sands, Clapton Unplugged,)all I can say is WOW !!!!. These Speltz anti-cables have transformed my system. The music sounds better than it ever did before, and I am a very happy camper. Anyone want to buy a really nice 12' pair of AQ Type 6+ cables ? These new Speltz anticables are staying, and I'm looking forward to even better listening experiences as they continue to burn in.
good to hear Adam

let us know if there is a difference in 2 or 3 weeks...
Hi Adam - I have always wondered about those cables myself. Please continue posting about them!
Thanks for the comments guys......... I'll update this thread in another week, after a lot more listening. And how about yesterday's football ? Awesome games. Let's go Giants !
Adam, for me, yesterday's football meant watching Barcelona defeat Malaga. Great goals!
Had a similar experience going with Anti-Cables from Audioquest Type 8. Significant improvement for a fraction of the cost of the AQ which I enjoyed for a couple of years and thought were very good.
I switched on a whim and "why not", looking just to try thinking that I'll be returning them.
A couple of days later the AQ were for sale...
Well guys and gals.......... Two weeks later, and all I can say is WOW !!! I am incredibly impressed in the way with which the Anti-Cables have improved the sound of music coming out of my system. I am reinforcing the comments in my 1/21 and 1/22 posts, with enthusiasm and total satisfaction. My Vandersteens have never sounded better, and my Rega/Rotel front end and Rogue amplification seem to all be getting along quite well with the new cables.
Happy Listening my friends, and LET'S GO GIANTS !!!
it would be great if you now changed back to the AQ's to see if you still like the A-C best
I am very glad to come across this thread.

I just picked up a pair of bi-wire Speltz Anti-Cables to use between my Rogue Cronus Magnum and Vandersteen 2ce Sig II's. They're replacing some old AQ Type 4, the only bi wire cable I had around at the time I got the speakers.

Haven't had a chance to install them yet, but Adam's impressions make me very hopeful :)
I concur- I think the antis are a real gift for affordable cable buyers.
I've been using Antis in my bedroom system for awhile, as well as a couple of pairs of anti-ICs. I think they are better than the other "affordable" options I've used, such as AQ and even Kimber 8TC, and many older formulations. They are not as satisfying as todays best offerings in the "over $500" class, however. My Zu Libtecs ($800 retail, but available on ebay for around $200-250/ 8ft.) have better soundstaging and are more neutral on top, and the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns ($1188/8ft.) are in a different league all around. That said, these improvements are not necessarily apparent in all systems. The Antis are a great value, though, particularly used.
I also think the Anti-ICs w/ Eichmanns are an even better performer for the $. They are quite nice sounding. I do like the Zu Mission IC better, being more refined sounding, but it is twice the price.
I am using anti-cables with my Vandersteen 5A and Ayre electronics with great success. Look at A/assylum classified.
I'm very curious about the Anti-IC's. There are very few reviews. Two questions for Jmbatkh and Stringreen:

1. Do these reviews strike you as accurate representations of the cables?
2. What other interconnect shave you compared them to?




Thanks in advance for any info.
Rate a B- in my book. B+ at the price point.

In the realm of the several thousand dollar system I would start to look more seriously at conditioning and better cables.
I tried Kimber, Audioquest, Purist, Nordost, etc., etc. None were better, most were not nearly as good as Anti-Cables. ..funny thing....Audioquest Sky/Everest was also great, but their superexpensive WFL signature was awful.
I have some for sale on Audioassylum...I needed longer runs for my new house.
Thanks to both of you for the responses!

Bjesien, are there any cables you would rate A+ at the price point? What cables would you recommend for a several thousand dollar system?
Stringreen, I checked your listing. Unfortunately, I need unbalanced RCA interconnects.
It's nice to see co much interest in this thread. Almost two months now with the anti-cables, and my initial impressions have been reinforced many times over again. These are very special speaker cables (within the context of my system) and the sound of music is really wonderful.
after a week with the anti-cables between my rogue amp and vandersteen speakers, i would agree that this is a great option for those looking to wrest better sound from their system at a reasonable price. especially when you factor in the added cost necessitated by bi-wiring on the 2c's. i'll be keeping the speltz cables as long as i have the vandersteens.
Good for you ! Enjoy the music !!!
I just received 2 10 foot runs of the anti cables to use on my definitive 8060-st's and at first I didn't care for them but that changed very quickly the more I listened.The detail I hear is spectacular..I can't get enough listening in...lol...the anti cables are staying for good.I am very very pleased with them.Its midnight on Wednesday but I've got to get just a little bit more music in...;)...cheers!