Speltz Anti-Cable VS VH Audio CHeLA spkr Cable

Hi Folks,

I am currently using Paul Speltz Anti-cable speaker cables between my Rogue Audio M150 Magnums and my Wilson Audio Watt Puppy System 7 speakers. I have been toying around with the idea of a new DIY cable project, and have been considering the VH Audio CHeLA speaker cable as the basis for the project. Does anyone have any experience with both of these products? The Speltz cables offer some pretty crazy performance for the money, very open and expansive (unrestricted) view into the recording.

Thanks in advance for any advise that you may have.
Hi Chris,

I haven't used the Anti-cable but I went from Goertz M1-2 bi-wire to VH audio Chela cables and I'm very happy. The amount of information retrieved is better and I feel better in all regards. I am thinking of buying a second run to make bi-wire's. They are really nice but not anywhere as cheap as the Anti-cables and you must terminate them yourself.
the problem with anti cables is the cost...it's hard to believe something that is so cost effective sounds so good....I'm done using the big name big bucks wire...what a waste of dough IMO
I agree Larryken, I have been quite happy with the speltz speaker cables. Have you tried their interconnects? I am hesitant to give them a try since they offer no EMI RFI shielding. Thoughts?
Charding....I'm using their interconnects as well as their speaker cable with great satisfaction. They are absolutely silent, even with the volume up and my ear against the speaker.
Spletz's speaker anti-cables (in my room and my system)
beat Audioquest, Zu Julian, and even my favorite Goertz MI2's which I thought would just stay.

If there is a better deal in Audio I haven't found it.

Have Fun!
I would have to agree with the above posts concerning Speltz anti-cables. I use both the speaker cable and interconnects in my system with great results.
Just been through a bit of a cables shake up myself. Been using Anti-cable XLR and speaker cables. A Teo liquid metal cable XLR interconnect re-ignited my interest in cables and does at great expense offer something more. They're slightly more transparent making better sense of incedental sounds and space in the soundstage but more importantly offering greater insight into the harmonics and tone of instruments. Ultimately they allow the music through in a more natural way engaging me in the context of my system more than any other cable I've tried. As for the Anticable after first hearing the Teo I tried a bunch of cables like Supra Sword and SQ88G3 in the mid price ranges and was very disappointed. They sounded from grainy to in some cases attenuated by comparison to the ACs. Of the cables I tried only Siltech Forbes Lake sounded a little better, it was a close run thing perhaps the FB allowed a touch more sense of drive through. Not a big enough difference to justify a 3 figure let alone the 4 figure price difference. In the end I bought the Teo XLR but the Anticable SC is still in place and I'd heartily recommend trying the Anticables interconnects.