Speakers opinions

I would like to have some opinions regarding,the two speakers,wich i'm considering in the s/h market,to replace my very old but very well sounding B&W DM6.
The speakers are Gershman Avant Garde and Talon Raven2002.
They will be driven from a EAR 864B/Gryphon DM100,in a room of 17m2 quite treated.
I listen to all kind of music.
Thank you.
(sorry about my english,but i'm Italian)
prima, how many euros can you afford? anche, que tipo de musica?
As i said,i listen to all kind of music.
It's not about money,i mean,it is,but for now,i'm only interested to have opinions about this two models.
Thank you.
Adry,Are you considering those 2 speakers for a reason?Are you In Italy now?Whats s/h market mean?Sorry for all the questions but I'm curious,thanks,Bob
Hi Bob,i am not in Italy,i live in England.
The reason why i am considering this two speakers,is because i heard them a while ago and they gave me a very good impression.
Now i have found both the speakers on the second hand market(s/h),and i would like to listen to them on my system.
From wich of the two shall i start?
I see,both are excellent though its been 7 years since I heard the Gershman.Thinking the Raven might fill your room better/fuller is the only thing that comes to mind.As you know your amp is fine for either so it comes down to system synergy which is hard to predict......its going to be good,you must be excited!
Any more opinions?
From actual or old owners?
If you can swing it, buy both and then sell the one you don't want for what you paid for it.
I wish i could do that.

I can try the Gershman with no problem,but no the Talon.
And another problem is,here in the UK they are not very well known,so resell them is not going to be an easy thing.
Wich of the two do you have?
I forgot to mention another contender:
Avalon Arcus.
the gershman
i owned a pair of gershman avant gardes. the only reason i sold them was due to being bitten by the SET bug. the gershman's are fabulous speakers with the right amplifier. your gryphon should do an excellent job of controlling them.

their bass is deep and tight and their midrange is warm and full from what i recall. the highs could be a bit more extended, but that's really a judgement call. it's been a while since i heard a pair so my acoustic recollection might be rather spotty.

i haven't heard the avalon or the talon so i can't comment on either of them.
What about the new Sonogram vs Avantgarde?
Looked into proac response 2.5's? These are absolutely superb floor standers that sound very coherent articulate, and go quite low in the lower octaves. Very musical and pitch coherent speakers. I own a pair of these as well as a pair of Eggleston andras and sometimes wonder about switching over to the proacs in my smallish listening room.
This thread is a little old, but a pair of Proac 2.5 just went up on Ebay. No relation to the seller. I have a pair already. I agree with 1741. They work perfectly in my 11 X 17 room.