Speakers and amplifiers show audiophiles are confused.

An audiophile buys a pair of speakers for $50K or $100K then asks what amps make them sound best. That’s about as smart as marrying a girl without knowing her personality. What are the specs that will insure your expensive new speakers and amps will work optimality with each other? There’s got to be an app for that, well no there isn’t because there are too many variables and companies don’t present their specs in a standard ways. Why is it that speaker and amplifier manufactures don’t recommend specific amps for their speakers? Beyond power, impedance, and making your own crossovers how do you choose amplifiers to get all the potential out of your speakers?


For $50K+ I can figure out a room NP and worry about the speakers later 😎


OP, wouldn't it be helpful to have a relationship with a dealer you like and trust?  They may have the knowledge and experience to make helpful suggestions.  They may relay feedback from other users.  And you can still "go it alone" if you choose.

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...and people answer seriously.

it's not difficult to get a manufacturers recommendation on the speakers you refer to...and then you gotta listen...