Speaker suggestions for Pass Labs x250?

I have a medium sized room, 18x13x8. I'm looking for speaker suggestions that may mate well with the Pass Labs x250 amp/Modright SWL 9.0 preamp/Cary 306 Cd player. My budget at this time is about 5 grand.
go to the montana audio site and take a look
Now that's an open ended question. There are many many options at 5 grand. That pass labs amp should drive any load you throw at it without going crazy big. Great preamp and CD player too!

My vote is Matin Logan Vantage if you can pull them out about 3 feet from the back wall.
Dynaudio C1 ($4,500 used).... a robust & very well respected monitor that would be a good fit for your room & equipment.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Infinity Renaissance 90 if you can find a pair.
Vandersteen Quatro or 5 used.
Your amp should also drive a pair of small to mid-size Thiels without a problem.
With that amp, you can assume most any speaker you like will work well with it. So as far as I'm concerned you could just as easily ask, what $5,000 speakers should I consider. If you like the Pass sound, you amp should be able to handle most any speaker ably.
Marten DeWulf of Bound for Sound loved the amp with Merlin VSMs, which are my favourite speakers at any price point.
For 6k u can get a REvel Studio