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Speaker shopping Help?
i would seriously check out the montana audio speaker site 
the best CD player between 6'000 - 10'000 $ ?
you cant go wrong with esoteric 
Best remote with preamp
pbn audio preamps 
best digital cable,sonic frontier STF-1 transport;
i had a sonic frontiers processor 3 with a ps audio transport and use an illuminati digital cable with great success 
Interconnect/Speaker cables
i would use stereovox firebird 
Advice requested on speakers
you should go to the montana audio site and check out there speakers and then find somewhere to hear them. i know they will blow away the vandis. that is the only one i can compare them to i have not heard the other speakers in your list 
The space between the speakers
it will help if you make sure the front of your speakers are in front of your tv cabinet 
What amps for Maggies?
PBN audio 
Has anyone heard the Montana Monitor?
yes i have heard of it i have only heard the mini which would not thing a mini could sound that awsome. i own a pair of xp's and have heard almost every speaker peter builds exept for the one you are talking about and his two largest speakers and ... 
One speaker louder
i had the same problem for a while it just takes a lot of patients. it is all about first reflection and speaker placement 
Name brands that are not so well known are skipped
if you are talking about great audio equipment that people dont hear about as much you need to go to the pbn audio site. peter makes some of the best high end audio gear out there. peter is a genuis at designing speakers and amps and pre-amps. he ... 
Best all around speakers
go to the montana audio site and check it out 
Esoteric SA-10 or Rega Saturn?
i have heard both the sa-10 has much more detail a bigger sound stage better bass, treble, and midrange. overall a much better machine 
Voltage fluctuations
the power plant premier does an awsome job 
Pre Amp for Pass Labs X150.5
i would go with a pbn audio amp